Задания № 1-11 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 3 (Fill in the missing vowels in the adjectives. Rearrange the words to make diplomatic phrases used in a meeting)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 3

Подпись: *1. Fill in the missing vowels in these adjectives.

1. Today's marketplace is highly c_mp_t_t_v_.

2. Packaging has to be _ttr_ct_v_, _ff_ct_v_ and d_st_nct_v_.

3. Packaging is cr_t_c_l to make sure there is _ff_c _ _nt  use of l_m_t_d  shelf space.

4. An _r_g_n_l  idea can turn out to be _mpr_ct_c_l  for reasons of  t_chn_c_l limitations.

2. Complete the sentences using words from the box.

chance     communication     field     issues    needs     process      sale    solution    view

1. Packaging is the manufacturer's  last______________to seduce the customer.

2. Many products are identical from the consumer's point of_____________.

3. Most purchasing decisions are made at the point of_______________________.

4. The principal problem is a lack of_________________          between the people

involved in the design and development________________________          .

5. There are different groups of experts, all working in their own


6. Production people know nothing about consumer________________________.

7. The manufacturing people deal with the technical_________________as and

when they arise.

8. Our task forces can deliver an optimal__________________in one week,

sometimes less.

3.  In each set of four below, match a verb on the left with a noun on the right to make collocations about product development.

1. generate     the product onto the market

2. screen out   new ideas in focus groups

3. launch       specifications for the product

4. draw up      unfeasible or unprofitable ideas

5. conduct      production on a large scale after tests

6. draw           market studies

7. go into        sketches and build mockups

8. test          the product by using it in typical situations

4.  Fill in the missing letters to complete these nouns about dimensions.

It's 45 cm long.    =   Its 1_ _ _ _ _is 45 cm.

It's 31 cm wide.   =    Its w_ _ _ _is 31 cm.

It's 8 cm high.     =    Its h_ _ _ _ _ is 8 cm.

It weighs 9 kg.    =    Its w_ _ _ _ _ is 9 kg.

5.  Match each word in the box to its definition 1-5. Then translate the words into your language.

benefit    feature    function      specification      USP (unique selling point)

1. The thing that makes a product special or different from others:______________________________

2. An important, interesting or typical part of something:_________________________________________

3. A detailed instruction about how something should be made:_______________

4. An advantage that you get from something: ____________________________

5. The job that something is designed to do:  _____________________________

6.  Join the sentences using who (for people), that (for things) or whose.

1. Here's the email. I got it this morning.

Here's the email that I got this morning.

2. Here's the email. It arrived this morning.


3. The team leader is an interesting man. He comes from Spain.


4. The team leader is an interesting man. I met him yesterday.


5. The team leader is an interesting man. His background is in IT.


7.  In the previous exercise, put brackets around any examples of who or that that are not necessary.

8.  Make noun phrases from the following definitions.

1. A cycle for developing a product is a product development cycle.

2. A document that shows you have insurance for travel is a_____________________________________________________________.

3. A concept for the design of packaging is a___________________________.

4. A product used for cleaning households is a______________________________________________________________.

9.  Underline the correct word(s) in bold to make phrases for a product presentation.

1. After that, I'll go / go on to present...

2. And now, if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer / respond them.

3. My reason / objective today is ...

4. Final / Finally, I'm going to ...

5. First of all, I / I'll talk about...

6. Thank you for listening / your listening.

7. I've divided my presentation by / into three sections.

8. Please make / feel free to interrupt me.

9. So, in summary, these are the reasons / motives why I am asking you to ...

10.  Put phrases 1-9 from the previous exercise into the order that you would probably hear them.

11.  Rearrange the words to make diplomatic phrases used  in a meeting.

1.  can    to    that    later    come     back      we?

2.  we   want   to    go    in    that's    a    direction    I’m    not     sure.


3.  that's     the     more    mind   of   thing   I   had    in     kind.


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