Personality Traits. Foods and Energy. Effects of Alcohol on the Body (Тексты для перевода), страница 4

No more accurate account of the ef­fects of one or two drinks can be given because many factors determine a per­son's reactions to alcohol. The most im­portant ones are the person's weight, his metabolism, the amount of food in his stomach, and the rate at which he drinks. One person might be under the influence of alcohol after one drink. Another might not become noticeably affected until he had had three or more.

The important point to remember, however, is that even one drink af­fects the nervous system and hinders its operation. If one drink acts in this way, think of what three or four or more drinks will do!

2. Поставьте 5 вопросов ко всему содержанию текста

3. Употребите глагол-сказуемое в правильной форме

Discovering New Vitamins

Long ago scientists 1___ (realize) that there were many unknown substances vital in human nutrition. They 2 ___ (search) for these new substances for many years before one of the important discoveries of this sort 3___ (take place) in 1948, when vitamin B12   4___ (discover).

Another step forward 5___ (make) in 1946, when scientists of the US Department of Agriculture 6___ (find) a factor in milk that was essential to the growth and reproduction of mice.

The discovery of vitamin B12  7___ (have) great influence on people everywhere. Not only the vitamin 8___ (prove) to be of great value against pernicious anemia, but it 9___ (show) to be essential for the growth of animals.

Now everyone knows that vitamin B12   10___ (play) a part in preventing anemia and it is necessary for normal growth. Vitamin B12   11___ (find) in foods that 12___ (come from) animals, including fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products. It is structurally the most complicated vitamin and it 13___ (contain) the biochemically rare element cobalt.

Because the discovery of the vitamin 14___ (make) comparatively recently, there 15___ (be) still several unknown characteristics. Nowadays scientists 16___ (try) to find out the minimum daily requirements of vitamin B12 and the ways the body 17___ (use) it to make red blood cells. The answers to these questions 18___ (be) long in coming, but when they 19___ (come), they 20___ (help) complete the puzzle of human nutrition.

4. Выберите правильный предлог

The danger of some health foods is that people may be fooled 1_____ (into, -, in, at) relying

2_____ (on, at, onto, in) them for their basic source of food.

Sometimes crash diets depend 3 _______ (in, of, from, on) special medicines.

  One can have a great deal of control 4______ (over, upon, above, of) one’s nutrition.

 5 ______ (At, in, from, since) ancient times, women have hung meat and fish 6___________ (in front of, over, upon, above) fires and have heated them until all the water was driven 7_____ (out, from, away, off).

 Dried foods are preserved because there is little water in them 8______ (in, on, from, with) which bacteria can grow.

 The warm air dried the particles of food 9_____ (without, by, through, with) destroying much of the nutritional value.

The committee members analyzed hundreds of research studies 10____ (about, on, of, in) the effects of smoking

5. Соедините слово в правой колонке в его определением слева

  1. traits

a)strong cords that control the location and movements of bones

  1. frustration

b)small hairlike projections that line certain passages in the body

      3.   tendons

c) particular qualities in someone’s character

     4.    RNA

d)a large container for a very hot fire

      5.    cilia

e) a feeling brought on by vain attempts to accomplish something

      6.   depressant 

f) the body system that includes the organs that digest food

      7.   respiratory system

g) to add something

      8.   gastrointestinal system

h)  a drug that reduces internal body activity, a drug used to reduce pain

      9.   furnace

i) the body system that includes the organs that perform the breathing function

    10.   supplement

j) ribonucleic acid


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