Personality Traits. Foods and Energy. Effects of Alcohol on the Body (Тексты для перевода), страница 3

4. Выберите правильный предлог

It may surprise you to learn that the population 1 _____(of, in, over, through) the world is increasing 2______ (in, at, on, with) the rate of about 60,000 people a day.

 Long before all good land can be brought 3_____ (into, over, under, to) proper cultivation, the need 4______ (for, of, in, with) food will have increased greatly.

 Incaparina has the advantage of being manufactured 5____ (from, out of, of, into) foods that people are familiar 6_____ (of, with, about, -).

Cold viruses do not cause colds in all people who are exposed 7_____ (from, with, to, on) them.

 Smoking has several effects 8______ (upon, to, on, in) the circulatory system.

 If you find that thoughtfulness is a trait you want to develop, you can begin 9_____________ (by, with, from, at) making an effort to be thoughtful 10 _______(about, for, to, of) others.

5. Соедините слово в правой колонке в его определением слева

  1. neurosis

a)strong cords that control the location and movements of bones

  1. malignant

b)giving immunity to disease by injecting a weakened form of a germ into a scratch on the patient’s body

      3.   tendons

c) a mild emotional disturbance characterized by anxiety and feelings of insecurity

     4.    RNA

d)the body system that includes the organs that digest food

      5.    vaccination

e) very harmful to the body, causing death

      6.   artificial 

f) the body system that includes the organs that perform the function of blood movement

      7.   stethoscope

g) the practice of treatment of a germ-free environment

      8.   circulatory system

h)  not real, not made of natural things but made to be like something real

      9.   gastrointestinal system

i)an instrument used by doctors to listen to patient’s hearts, lungs

    10.   asepsis

j) ribonucleic acid


1.  Прочитайте и письменно переведите выделенный курсивом отрывок

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Why alcohol is a problem. Have you seen television programs that discuss the effects of heavy drinking? If you have, you know that alcohol can be a serious problem for both the person who drinks too much and his family. Heavy drinking hurts not only the person who drinks, but may cause em­barrassment, financial difficulty, and worry for his. family.

Kinds of alcohol. There are two common types of alcohols, ethyl and methyl . Ethyl alcohol is found in liquors, wines, and beers. Methyl alcohol is found in many prod­ucts for the home and auto. Methyl is extremely poisonous, and any alcohol that contains it is labeled denatured alcohol.

Alcohol in the system. When a per­son drinks alcohol, it is quickly ab­sorbed by his blood stream. It is first carried to the liver. Here some of it is oxidized and converted to energy. The remainder is carried by the. blood stream throughout the body, where it affects the cells in many ways. Even­tually, the liver oxidizes all the alcohol in the blood stream. Then the effects on the body wear off.

Because of the way alcohol is han­dled by the body, it is classed as a harmful drug. That is, it has harmful effects on the body when it is absorbed by the blood stream.

Alcohol in the brain. Contrary to what many people believe, alcohol is not a stimulant. It is a depressant. It dulls the activity in the brain. It slows reaction time, disrupts thinking, and distorts a person's abil ity to judge his own actions.

The effects of alcohol are progres sive. That is, the greater the quantity one drinks, the greater the effects will be. The illustration on page 142 shows how alcohol affects different parts of the brain. One drink may noticeably affect only judgment. The effects of the next might show up in a few of the areas shown in the illustration. A third might produce embarrassingly obvious effects in all seven areas.