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What I live for.

One day everybody begins to think about such important question - “What I live for”. Usually it is very difficult to answer on this question and in different periods of life one mentions different aims.  At one time aim is growing children, at another time - make a career, and etc. So, I want to give some examples of different aims.

Firstly, I tell about one famous man, who have lived his life, and at last year of his life he tries to review. I tell about three passions of Bertrand Russel. First it is a love. Why? Because it brings ecstasy so great that he would often have sacrificed all the rest of his life for a few hours of his joy. Second passion is knowledge. He wanted to know more and more about all things in peace. And third it is an unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

Secondly, I tell some words about myself. I think that my aim associates with my wishes. So, what I want? Sometimes I have crazy idea. One of them is that I want to live in mountain in Tibet, where there is no civilization and only white snow lay on the points. I want to enjoy quiet and read books, but also I want to have my computer with me. So, I understand, that if I want to release all my crazy ideas I have to get sufficient amount of many, so I have to make a good career and etc.

What I want to say in conclusion? I say I thought that everybody has himself own aim of life, and it is very badly, if somebody doesn’t have any aim…

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