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It became a common knowledge that there are many ways of communication in the modern world besides face-to-face communication. Firstly, I would like to admit that phones, telegraphs, mobile phones, internet – are everywhere nowadays. Therefore, people sometimes begin to forget face-to-face communication. What is more, it even seems that they prefer other types of communication in their life! But, I strongly believe that any kind of communication can hardly replace in full measure face-to-face communication ever.

The fact is that people communicate with each other only with ideas. People share their ideas and thoughts and it is exactly the purport of talking, writing and so on. And for this very purpose languages were invented. As Samuel Johnson said: “Language is the dress of thought”; it is the tool that was made for communication, which optimizes thoughts for everybody to understand. However, there are many kinds of language(s) like spoken language, written language, gesture language, sign language, and others. Language is the sign that is (presents) in every kind of communication, but only in face-to-face communication we use all of them.

Moreover, the role of verbal communication is immensely essential. The feeling, the aura can not be transferred anyway. This distinguishing feature is peculiar, inherent only to face-to-face communication.

On the other hand, there is a great variety of other types of communication, such as fax, telephone, SMS, letters, ICQ, etc. First of all, the undoubted advantage of modern means (of communication) is their velocity and accessibility; so, that you can connect with anyone, anywhere and anywhen. Furthermore, from a business point of view it provides the ability to work at a much faster rate. All in all, contemporary ways of communication are extremely useful and became an inherent part of modern humanity.

If we compare the quality of communication, I tend to consider that the only thing positive in new means of communication is the possibility of opening the talent, E.g. if the person writes marvellous, but face-to-face communication is not his hobby horse (then for him the best way of communication will be letters, maybe e-mails). (Ноэтоскорееисключениеизправила)

Nevertheless, face-to-face communication is the best way of communication that is the most important gift of the humanity. Only face-to-face communication can give the whole gamut of feelings and the intensity of the idea. And in conclusion, I would like to say that there is no other type of communication, which (that) can transfer all the peculiarities of the real communication.

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