Honda was stolen motor scooter

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Honda was stolen motor scooter.

      The Japanese automobile company Honda Motor has submitted the judicial claim against the Governments of the Peoples Republic of China. It accused three Chinese companies of infringement the right of intellectual Property. It is because Chinese companies product and distribution on  Chinese market motor scooter Stream. Government of China recently promised to put a maximum of efforts to security of customs of intellectual property. But it has not got properly effect. Companies continue their dark game without punishment.

      In 1994 Honda has patented the project of model of motor scooter Stream which has got in the Chinese market the big success. Chineses annual buy up ten thousand models of Stream. But a little bit later some Chinese company made projects of similar design and have met with approval in the state bureau of intellectual property. It was has withdrawn license of Honda. But Honda want to withdraw patent of these company and will be one exclusive manufacturer of Stream. It is not known, would Honda sue companies and change its plan about Chine.

      Breaking of customs intellectual property is the most widespread complaint of the international companies done business in the Chinese market where the industry of fakes and piracy copies has reached unprecedented scope.

     The chairman of government Чжу Жуньцзы constantly promises to increase

the control over illegal manufacturers, however while the situation does not change.  It is far not the first case of the judicial claim concerning patent bureau. Before the join of Chine in BTО annually moved about ten claims, and some of them concerned the foreign companies.

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