Nonconventional trial and error methods of the personnel

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Nonconventional trial and error methods of the personnel

To nonconventional trial and error methods of the personnel today choose more and more of employers. I will presen you a rating of nonconventional techniques of selection of employees.

The first place on popularity borrows a method stressful (or shock) interview. The purpose of stressful interview - to define стрессоустойчивость  of the candidate. Accordingly necessity of its use can be justified at selection of workers on the vacancies: cashiers, operators in banks, firemen, employees of militia, and even experts on the personnel. For indicating стрессоустойчивости of the candidate it is created with stressful conditions and observe, how it will react to them.

The standard script of stressful interview assumes:

Delay on interview of the representative of the employer for a while from thirty minutes and more;

An inattention to merits, degrees, ranks, formation of the competitor: " you from the Moscow State University, at us therefrom even the cleaner ";

Loss of the resume of the candidate;

creation of inconvenient conditions: the filed leg of a chair, too high chair, bright light in eyes and so on;

Questions like: " And why you in the 27 years yet not married, are you afraid of men? ";

Strange, certainly, that someone after such questions agrees to work in this organization.

The following place in our rating borrows Brainteaser - interview. Especially love this method the Russian representations of the western companies. An essence of a method that is necessary to answer candidates on an intricate question or to solve a logic problem. The purpose of such non-standard method - to check up analytical thinking and creative abilities of the competitor. Accordingly a target audience for use of Brainteaser-interview - workers of brainwork and creators, among which programmers, managers on advertising, auditors, advisers. The most popular question: «And why covers of manholes round?».

Questions of Brainteaser-interview can be divided into some groups:

1. Small logic problems with precisely set answers (for example, a known problem about the man who should transport the fox on other coast, the cock and a bag with grain provided that for one ferry on the river it can transport only one cargo, and the fox can eat the cock who, in turn, can peck up grain).

2. Problems which do not have precisely set answer (for example, how many in the world of hairdressers, how many in Russia adjusters of the piano). In answers to this question are appreciated logicality of a course of rational and unusual decisions.

3. Exercises in which it is required to show originality of thinking (for example, sell to me, please, this handle).

On the third place in our rating a trial and error method on the basis of физиогномики.Физиогномика - scientific the terms, describing a mimicry, the form of features, their types. Физиогномика should not be a unique method at selection of the candidate, it approaches more likely as the additional method, allowing to support conclusions of traditional technology of interviewing.

The fourth place borrows соционика. Соционика rationality and the irrationality named by functions of mentality leans on such concepts, as logic and ethics, intuition and сенсорика, экстраверсия and интроверсия. For more evident image of these attributes their symbolical images of which have formed original information models have been entered, having combined functions in different combinations. In total such combinations can be 16, to each of them there corresponds the type. This method should be used as auxiliary, rather than as panacea more likely.

On the fifth place we have put graphology. In France графология is the official tool of selection of candidates, especially in the state structures. However efficiency of conclusions on the basis of графологии till now is a question at issue.

On the sixth place of our rating - horoscopes and everything, that with them is connected.

On a next place there is a method of selection by name, and also on a combination of a name, a surname and a patronymic of the competitor.

And at last, last place of honour borrows a method of definition of character of the person on prints of fingers, and accordingly a method of selection on the same prints. According to scientists, the method allows to define factor of intelligence: the curls on fingers of the person, the more its mental abilities, and on the contrary are more curled.

So, as it is visible, among the considered methods there is no, guaranteeing absolute fidelity of a choice of the candidate. However there is no such accuracy and at traditional technologies of selection. Probably, to these growing popularity of these methods also speaks, in fact if there is no one is unique a true way it is possible to try everything, and suddenly will approach?

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