Moral Responsibilities of the Scientist

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Moral Responsibilities of the Scientist.

Scientists do a great, important and very useful work. They move our world into the future. And of course they have a power, we are all depend on scientists, because they have brilliant brain, and they have facility, and because we use their inventions and achievements. Being a scientist is not only making inventions, it is also do not reverse these inventions against the humanity. And each scientist must understand that.

As an example I want to say about American Scientist who saved the world by his hands, instead of destroying it. He made a research in nuclear physics and because of chapter of accidents chain reaction started, and he decided to save our world, instead of his life, by stopping that reaction by splitting parts of radioactivity material. Let us say thanks to Luis Slotin, who made this – shalom, Luis.

I don’t know other examples, but anyway I will try to tell you one more incident.

          Once upon a time, in Australia, one very moral responsible scientist made a research in the biology. He studied the new substance that would allow soldiers to fight better  without tiredness. He mixed different components and finally found the required composition. He started to test it on dogs, on Dingo dogs (because it is Australia and there are no ordinary dogs). He injected the first portion to the dog, waited for a minute and he saw results – dog started to grow up, it’s teeth starts to grow too. It was  great, it was a real success, but the behavior of the dog was also changed. It started to bite other dogs, and bitted dogs started to bite others and so on. He climbed on the big stairway and when all dogs bitted each other they started looking for new targets - some of them sat near the stairway, some started to build the pyramid to reach the scientist and the rest was looking for an exit, they wanted to bite all creatures in the Australia and after that in the all world. Our guy of course could just fly away, because he had a helicopter at the roof, but he decided that he must save the humanity and he ate a poison, jumped to dogs and bite each by his poisoned teeth. All Dingoes died, but he also didn’t stayed alive.  Let us say thanks to Harry Truman.

In conclusion, I want to say, that every scientist must follow Luis Slotin’s and Garry Truman’s examples. They were men from the big letter “M”.

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