Программное обеспечение и компьютерные приложения. Причастие 1 и 2, причастный оборот. Преступления с помощью высоких технологий. Инфинитив и инфинитивные конструкции (Задания на контрольные работы № 7, 8), страница 5

9. Do, rely on, companies, have to, technology, more?

10. Are, often, by, from, companies, breaches, employees, at risk, security, own, their?

Задание 6. Составьте и задайте вопросы, чтобы ответами на них послужили следующие предложения. Начните свои вопросы с предложенных вопросительных слов. Запишите и переведите составленные вопросы и ответы.

1. Why _________________________? – To beat high-tech crime.

2. How _________________________? – Usingelectronic devices.

3. What _________________________? – The biggest problem is telecommunications fraud.

4. How much ______________________? – Approximately tens of millions of dollars.

5. What for _________________________? – To programme the stolen numbers into cell phones.

6. What ____________________________? – Formemory chips.

7. Where ___________________________? – In Hong Kong.

8. Why ____________________________? – Because the majority of the population becomesmore computer literate.

9. How _____________________________? – New digital cellular phones will have more complex numbers.

10. Why _________________________? – Most of this is said to happen due to security breakdowns in their computer systems.

Задание 7.Заполните таблицу формами инфинитивов toprotect, togive.






Perfect Continuous

Задание 8. Выпишите и переведите все предложения из таблицы после текста. Соблюдайте правила перевода инфинитивных конструкций.

Задание 9. Выберите подходящее слово, запишите и переведите получившиеся предложения.

1. New techniques _______________ to protect information.

A. are supposed                       B. supposed                 C. is supposed

2. The system – administrators believe thieves _____ new ways of beating the system.

A. not to finds              B. not find                    C. not to find

3. Companies seemed ______ even more technology, to beat high-tech crime.

A. to had relied on        B. to have relied on      C. have relied on

4. The program developers think new technologies __ high-tech crime.

A. beat                         B. to beat                     C. to be beaten

5. The advanced equipment ___________ to be developed by the computer company.

A. is known                 B. are known                C. be known

6. This type of fraud is thought ________ up to one million dollars per year.

A. is responsible for     B. to be responsible for                 C. be responsible for

7. They _____ _____ personal computers to programme the stolen numbers into cell phones.

A. seemed to used        B. seems to have used    C. seemed to have used

8. The police noticed a gang of six men _______ with stolen serial and identification numbers.

A. to sell phones          B. sell phones              C. to sells phones

9. Many American firms _____ have tightened security on their computer systems.

A. are likely                 B. is likely                   C. will likely

10. To steal secret information, high–tech bandits proved ________ into computers.

A. to hacked                 B. to have hacked         C. have hacked

Задание 10. Вставьте частицу «to», где необходимо, запишите и переведите предложения.

1. High–tech bandits and mischief–makers are made ____ invent new techniques to sell access codes.

2. IBM heard FBI _____ investigate the theft of computer parts.

3. The authorities would like the majority of the population _____ become more computer literate.

4. The FBI representative noticed the chips ___ be of great demand on the black market.

5. At least ten armed robberies in California have been reported ___ be all for memory chips.

6. They made us ___ get interested in the fact that there are 11 million cell phones in America alone.

7. Each mobile phone is certain ____ have its own serial number and identification number.

8. He was seen _____ use electronic devices.

9. We saw the police together with engineers ____ beat high-tech crime in this sphere.

10. New digital cellular phones do not seem ____ be able to be transmitted and copied.

Задание 11. Переведите на английский язык выражения, данные в скобках. Запишите полученные предложения.