Программное обеспечение и компьютерные приложения. Причастие 1 и 2, причастный оборот. Преступления с помощью высоких технологий. Инфинитив и инфинитивные конструкции (Задания на контрольные работы № 7, 8), страница 4

Using electronic devices, the gang picked these numbers up from airwaves. Then, police say, they used personal computers to programme the stolen numbers into cell phones. These phones were often sold to immigrants for about 250 dollars. They would often make international phone calls and run up huge bills on other people’s accounts. Phone pirates are also active in Hong Kong. In a police raid on an electronic shop, 130 phones were found and seven people were arrested.

A recent report suggests that companies are often at risk from security breaches by their own employees.


And so–called wide area networks are opening formerly internal information to the outside world. To beat high-tech crime, companies will have to rely on even more technology. New digital cellular phones will have more complex numbers that won’t be transmitted and can’t be copied. But because many American firms have tightened security on their telephones, thieves are now attacking firms in other countries.


New techniques to protect information will help stop the tide of high–tech crime – but thieves will always find new ways of beating the system.


Gangs in these places are reported to have been stealing essential parts for computers by the truckload.


These numbers seem to be highly prized by thieves.


New computer networks are likely to give an unusually large number of employees access to information


The police consider the robbers to be hacking into computers to steal secret information.


Most of this is said to happen due to security breakdowns in their computer systems.


This type of fraud is thought to be responsible for up to one million dollars per year in illegal phone calls.


Canada turns out to have recently witnessed a whole series of these incidents.


These chips are believed to have become as valuable as gold in California.

Задание 2. Выпишите и переведите выделенные выражения из текста.

Задание 3. К словам из столбика А подберите слова с тем же значением из столбика В. Синонимы запишите и переведите.


1) information                                                  a) assist

2) employee                                                     b) perform

3) devices                                                        c) difficult

4) protect                                                         d) breaking

5) steal                                                            e) data

6) demand                                            f) worker

7) complex                   g) equipment

8) commit                                f) secure

9) help                         i) rob

10) breach                    j) require

Задание 4. Составьте и запишите словосочетания, используя предложенную лексику. Полученные словосочетания переведите.

А                                                                     В

1) cost                                                             a) access codes

2) become b) new ways

3) demand                                                       c) high-tech crime

4) used) crime

5) steale) computer literate

6) beatf)identification number

7) find                                                             g) electronic device

8) commit                                                        f) secret information

9) have                                                            i) for memory chips

10) sell             j) a fortune

Задание 5. Используя предложенные слова, составьте и запишите предложения. Полученные предложения переведите. Первое слово предложения дано с заглавной буквы.

1. High–tech, sell, mischief–makers, codes, access.

2. This, is, to cost, thought, fraud, type of, to, a fortune, IBM.

3. Can, to, give, access, new, an unusually large number of, computer, employees, networks, information?

4. Nowadays, reported, opening, the formerly, information, world, internal, is, to be, to the outside.

5. Where, active, are, pirates, phone, also, said, to be?

6. They, to prevent, and, crimes, advanced, fraud, equipment, other, used.

7. There, no, is, market, demand for, on, the, black, the chips, great.

8. Many, to have, people, become computer, seem, literate.