Программное обеспечение и компьютерные приложения. Причастие 1 и 2, причастный оборот. Преступления с помощью высоких технологий. Инфинитив и инфинитивные конструкции (Задания на контрольные работы № 7, 8), страница 3

Задание 13. Преобразуйте сложные предложения, заменяя зависимое предложение причастным оборотом, как показано в образце. Предложениязапишитеипереведите.

Образец:         1) He looked at the people who were playing a computer game – He looked at the people playing a computer game.             2) I had written an e–mail, I sent the e–mail. – Having written an e-mail I sent it. 3) When I was choosing the game I pushed that key on the keyboard. – I pushed that key on the keyboard when choosing the game.

1. We are dealing with the firm which is developing modern computer games.

2. When he was designing a new program he found an interesting solution.

3. She started a new life after she had found a new job.

4. QUAKE was the first real 3D game; it was created by John Carmack.

5. id has entered a new era of interactive entertainment, id has taken a place in gaming history.

6. Millions of DOOM copies have been sold; DOOM remains one of the most popular PC games ever.

7. A man, who is talking to the boss, is a manager of the firm.

8. These conditions allow replacing an old computer with the new one, they are made by technological progress.

9. The gaming community had bought a disc with their favourite computer game, the community said “No” to bootleggers.

10. QUAKE II was supporting multiplay for up to 32 players at once, QUAKE II was a hit for the company.

Задания 14. Письменно ответьте на вопросы. Запишите и переведите вопросы и свои ответы к ним.

1. What is the best selling computer game nowadays in your opinion?

2. How many years are left for you to study at high school?

3. What hobby did you have being a schoolboy?

4. Which places of interest would you like to visit traveling around Europe?

5. What were you doing the whole last weekend?

6. What do you usually do when the working day is done?

7. What football team do you support when watching football matches?

Задание 15. Составьте и запишите вопросы, которые вы задали бы команде программистов и дизайнеров idSoftware. Вопросыпереведите.

1. the very beginning?

2. the first 3D first-person shooter?

3. to play their shooters themselves?

4. to expect such a great success of DOOM?

5. Cruelty in their bloody games?

6. International deathmatch competitions among true gamers?

Контрольная работа № 8

Лексическая тема: Преступления с помощью высоких технологий

Грамматические темы: Инфинитив и инфинитивные конструкции

Задание 1. Прочитайте текст. Дополните содержание текста 7 предложениями из таблицы после текста, поставив их на пропущенные места. Среди этих семи предложений есть одно лишнее. Письменно переведите весь текст.

High–Tech Thievery

High–tech bandits and mischief–makers are on the loose, stealing phone messages, selling access codes, taking computer parts and using advanced equipment to commit fraud and other crimes. According to a survey released by a New York accounting firm, more than a quarter of all American companies have suffered some sort of loss.



Recently, the large computer company IBM said that it was helping the FBI investigate the theft of computer parts, which may have cost the company tens of millions of dollars. As the majority of the population becomes more computer literate, hi–tech crime is increasing. In California and Southeast Asia, organized crime is costing companies a fortune.


Most of parts are microprocessors and memory chips. There is great demand for the chips on the black market, and there have been at least ten armed robberies in California, all for memory chips.


The biggest problem, though, is telecommunications fraud, especially cellular phones. There are 11 million cell phones in America alone, and each has its own serial number and identification number.


The reason is that the numbers validate phone calls and charge the customer. In New York City, police recently arrested a gang of six men for selling phones with stolen serial and identification numbers. When a call is made from one of the illegal cell phones, the charge is made to the real owner.