Учебно-методический комплекс по английскому языку (Содержание дисциплины. Самостоятельная работа студентов. Устные темы)

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preparatory department provides a high-quality preparation of young people for entrance examinations.

The University teaching combines lectures ,practical classes and seminars. The students have 4 or 5 classes every day. They study a lot of subjects: maths, physics, informatics, chemistry, drawing, technology of metals, foreign languages and many specialized subjects. Their choice depends on the faculty and future speciality. Every year the students write their course papers on different agricultural problems. Many advanced full-time students become members of the Students’ Scientific Society. Students research work is an integral part of the educational process. Students’ Scientific conferences and competitions are held at the university annually. Students of the University take an active part in international and republican conferences and contests of the best research projects.

The students have got rather favourable conditions for studies. There are 8 buildings that have 25 lecture rooms, 65 seminar rooms, 122 laboratories, 6 workshops for metal, machine, electro gas welding, thermal, maintenance of farm machinery and electrical equipment works.

The University library is a great resource centre for instruction, education, and research purposes. 6 reading-rooms of the University as well as a number of specialized libraries at the University departments are available for the students.

The students of our University live in 7 dormitories with all modern conveniences: central heating, cold and hot running water, gas, electricity and telephone. A canteen, a first-aid post, a chemist’s shop and a dentist’s office are available for student’s use.

Industrial practice activities of the students such as agronomy, crop cultivation, livestock breeding are organized at the University training farm in Borovlyany. Here the students practice driving cars, lorries, tractors, combine-harvesters and other machinery.

Physical training and sport are paid much attention to at the University. Besides obligatory exercises students can choose any kind of sports in accordance with their physical fitness. The most popular of them are track and field athletics, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, weight lifting, mini-football, arm-wrestling, kickboxing, power lifting, judo and free-style wrestling.

The BSATU provides a good engineering education. For its period of existence the University has already trained thousands of qualified specialists in agriculture. The graduates of our University work not only on the farms of our republic but also at different plants, factories, industrial enterprises, research laboratories and institutes, joint ventures and banks.


Упражнения для самоконтроля стр. 37

I.       1  potatoes;

2. children;

3. leaves;

4. wishes;

5. mice;

6. men.

II.      1. my sister’s flat;

2. my brother’s children;

3.these engeneersroom ;

4. these studentswork;

5. these women’s  handbags.

III.    1. as…as;

2. so…as;

3. as…as;

4. as…as;

5. so…as.

IV.    1. Do you know…;

2. a) has not learned, b) is still learning;

3. a) visited; b) enjoyed; c) was eager; d) am going; e) enter.

4. a) rang; b) was having;

5. a) where have you been; b) have not seen;

6. am reading;

7. a) is shining; b) are singing;

8. a) have not seen;

9. a) have you had; b) had;

10. a) are talking; b) talk;

V.      1. am;

2. are;

3. is;

4. is;

5. are.

VI.     1. there is a monument in this street;

2. there is a park near the theatre;

3. there is some trees in the gardens;

4. there is nothing on the table;

5. there is a library in the University.


Упражнения для самоконтроля стр. 63

I.       1. can;

2. must;

3. may;

4. had to;

5. should.

II.      1. The sun was hidden by the clouds.

2. Different poems are learnt by heart every week.

3. To protect ourselves  the rain our raincoats and umbrellas will be taken by us.

4. The delegation was being met by them yesterday at 3.

5. Chess is played after the work by them .

III.    1. Past Simple Passive;

Книга была опубликована им в прошлом году.

2. Present Simple Passive;

Моему другу предлагают хорошую работу.

3. Future Simple Passive;

Много полезных предметов будут изучаться нами в следующем семестре.

4. Present Perfect Passive;

Ему велели работать усерднее.

5. Future Perfect Passive;

Офис будет построен к сентябрю.

IV.     А) ведущий ученый , горящее здание, скачущая галопом лошадь, бегущий ребенок, кипящая вода.

Б) женщина, сидящая у камина; пар, поднимающийся из чайника; мальчик, зарабатывающий себе на жизнь; ребенок, тратящий время попусту; рабочий, ремонтирующий дом.

В) написанная картина, переведенный текст, обсужденные проблемы, изученный материал, написанное письмо, плохо выполненная работа, известный ученый.

V.      1. producing

Люди не могут жить без производства продуктов питания, кормов и технических культур.

2. using

Трактор прошел осмотр до того, как водитель приступил к работе на нем.

3. having improved

То, что мы улучшили плодородие почвы, принесет высокие урожаи картофеля

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