Snake-like, crawling technological robot for the operation inside pipelines. The robot for operation in pipes РТ02/05-1, страница 2

Robot executes following operations inside of pipes

·      Sand-blasting  

·      Painting

·      Clearing

·      Video-inspection

·      Monitoring width of coverage

         Characteristics of the robot

Range of diameters of pipes      200…500 mm

The maximal length of a pipe    7000 mm

Amount of curving                    Any

Planes of curving                       Any

Power consumption                   1,2 kw

Length of the robot                    5000 mm

Width of the robot                     1000 mm   

Height of the robot                    1800 mm

Mass                                           400 kg

The pre-production prototype of the robot for operations in pipes has was tested under production conditions.

Now the second model of the robot is made. Unlike the first model, the second robot has greater smoothness of motion. Besides it is capable to displace of greater distances inside of pipelines.

The description and characteristics of a pre-production  prototype of the robot for operations in pipes РТ-02/05-2 - are presented below.


The robot is intended for execution technological and  diagnostic operations inside of pipelines of various assignment.

Geometrical parameters of pipelines

Range of diameters of pipes,  D                        200...500 mm

Radiuses of curving                                            Not less than 2  D

Angle of curving                                                 No more 90°

Spatial position of section of the pipeline           Any (up to vertical)

Characteristics of the robot

The maximal distance of motion                       100 m

Speed of  motion                                               Regulated, 1 … 10 m/mines

Exactitude of speed                                             ±5 %

The maximal traction force                               300 Н

Type of a drive                                                   Electromechanical

Power consumption                                           250 Вт

Power supply                                                     ~220 V, 50 Hz

Type of control                                                  The human  from the board or program control

Overall dimensions

Length of the robot                                            500 mm

The described diameter                                     200 mm

Mass                                                                   15 kg

Execution on a class of protection                      Under the requirement specification

The description of a construction

The manipulator represents the flexible multilink construction consisting of several carriages, connected among themselves by flexible links. All carriages are приводными, that ensures недежное transiting by the robot of pipelines sections of any shape with a preseted speed.

For security of reliable ganging wheels of carriages with a surface of the pipeline the carriages contain the mechanism of wheels pressing to walls of the pipeline. The first carriages have elements for installation a working head (technological or diagnostic). On last carriages connectors for connection of a cable of power supply and control of the robot, and also connectors for necessary supplies to a working head are installed.

Structure of the robot:

-  The Mechanical part (manipulator)

-  The Device of unwinding-winding of a cable (winch)

-  The Control panel.

The winch contains a drum on which the cable is wound, and the mechanism of maintenance of a fixed tension of a cable during  the robot motion.

The control panel contains elements of motion switching, reverse and speed regulation, and also indication of position of the manipulator in the pipeline.

In case of operation of the robot in field conditions on demand of the requirement specification the winch and a control panel can settle down in the special car.

Designing calculation of a drive part of the robot for operations in pipes

1.    Input data:

1.1.  A gamut of diameters of pipes - 0,2 … 0,46 mm;

1.2.  Radius of curving of pipes - 2 diameters;

1.3.  The peak corner of curving - 90°;

1.4.  A spatial standing of sites of pipes - any;

1.5.  The useful tractive power of the robot - 600 Н;

1.6.  The nominal{rated} linear velocity of the robot - 0,03 km/s.

2.    Geometrical, kinematic and power parameters of the robot:

D - diameter of a wheel приводного a part, m