Supply the necessary preposition. Choose the correct form of verb

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will find a copy of the consignment note and invoice enclosed, and we will hold the boxes for your inspection.


b)  a complaint                     b) memo                          c) a letter of enquiry     

5. Read the following business letter:

British Crystal Ltd


TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1332 45790 | FACSIMILE: +44 (0) 1332 51977

Email: |

13)                                                                                        4 May 2008

14)                      S.A. Importers Ltd

Al Manni Way



15)     Dear Sirs

Mr. Mohamed AI Wazi, of the Saudi Arabian Trade Commission in London, informed us that you may be interested in acting as our agentin your country.

As you will see from the enclosed catalogue, we are manufacturers of high quality glassware. We produce a wide selection of products from moderately priced tableware in toughened smoked glass to ornate Scandinavian and Japanese designed light coverings.

Wealready export to North and South America and the Far East, and would now like to expand into the Middle Eastern market, where we know there is an increasing demand for our products.

The type of agency we are looking for will be able to cover the whole of Saudi Arabia. We are offering a 10% commission on net list prices, plus advertising support. There would be an additional 2.5% del credere commission if the agent is willing to guarantee the customer's accounts, and he may offer generous credit terms once we have approved the account.

This is a unique opportunity for someone to start in an expanding market and grow with it. Therefore, if you believe you have the resourcesto handle a sole agency covering the area mentioned, and feel that you can develop this market, please write to us as soon as possible.

16)     Yours faithfully

Nicholas Jay

Managing Director

17)     Enc. Catalogue

Define the parts of the letter:

1) a) date of sending the letter off     b) date of receiving the letter

2) a) inside address                b) sender’s address     c) type of company

3) salutation                           b) body of the letter   c) attention line

4) signature                            b) complimentary close         c) job title

5) attention line                                 b) enclosure                           c) job title

6. Choose the right word or word-combination to fill in the gaps in a memo:


            To:                             The Board of Directors

18)      _______:                    Derek Logan, Sales Director

19)      _______:                    15 October 2008

            Subject:                     Introduction of Internet sales


The Sales Department research team came to the following conclusions on the issue of Internet sales. Further statistical and technical data can be found in the full report.


Internet sales have expanded steadily in our markets in recent years for three main reasons: (1) the range of goods we can offer in a virtual warehouse environment, (2) convenience, and (3) increased security with the development of digital signatures. The main area of expansion – over 21% in the period concerned - has been in clothes, especiallychildren's clothes covering the age group of 4 – 11 years.

With regard to sales of linens and general furnishing, there has been a 6.7% increase in sales over this period. We would like to monitor this over the next 12 months to see how these markets develop.


With our main competitors already on this market, and its potential for international sales, we recommend that we should implement a new Internet strategy as quickly as possible. I would suggest a meeting before the end of this financial year.

20)         ____________

18) a) for                                b) from                                                          c) job title

19) a) attention line    b) subject                                                       c) date

20) a) Yours sincerely           b) Sales Department research team   c) Thank you

7. Read and translate the text.


Probation is a judicial action or legal disposition which allows the offender to remain in the community subject to conditions imposed by court order under

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