Россия: экономика, промышленность, бизнес, культура. Методические указания по английскому языку для студентов 1 курса всех специальностей очной формы обучения Комсомольск-на-Амуре 2011

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Методические указания по английскому языку

 для студентов 1 курса  всех специальностей

очной формы обучения

Комсомольск-на-Амуре 2011

Россия: экономика, промышленность, бизнес, культура: методические указания по английскому языку для студентов 1 курса всех специальностей очной формы обучения / сост.: Е.А. Игнатьева. – Комсомольск-на-Амуре : ГОУВПО «КнАГТУ», 2011. –  с.

Приведены тексты, охватывающие особенности экономики, бизнеса и культуры России в целом, а также отдельно города Комсомольска-на-Амуре. Четко структурированная система упражнений обеспечивает совершенствование речевых навыков чтения, говорения и письма.

Печатается по постановлению редакционно-издательского совета ГОУВПО «Комсомольский-на-Амуре государственный технический университет».

Согласовано с патентно-информационным отделом.

Рецензент Е.Ю. Першина

Unit 1


Topical vocabulary

economy - экономика

economics – экономика, экономическая наука

economist - экономист

corporation - корпорация

cutting edge – ведущий, передовой Syn. advanced/progressive/modern/up-to-date/world-beating/innovative/  Ant. out-of-date

factory - фабрика

government - правительство

growth - рост

leadership – руководство

modernization – модернизация

plant - завод

recovery - восстановление

fiscal and monetary policy – финансово – бюджетная и валютная политика

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) –валовый внутренний продукт

labour force – рабочая сила

nuclear energy – ядерная энергия

outsourcing – аутсорсинг (передача стороннему подрядчику некоторых бизнес-функций или частей бизнес-процесса предприятия с целью повысить производительность)

raw materials - сырьё

refining - очистка

economic - экономический, относящийся к сфере экономики

economical – бережливый, экономный

(in)sufficient – (не)обоснованный

full-fledged - полноценный

rapid – скорый, стремительный

significant – значительный

qualitatively - качественно

to be (in)dependent on/upon – быть (не)зависимым

to boost  (growth and competitiveness) – поддерживать (рост и конкурентоспособность)  Syn. to stimulate, to intensify

to economize - экономить

to  expand – увеличивать, расширять

to involve - вовлекать

to launch (a project, a program) – начинать, запускать

to overestimate - преувеличивать

to outstrip – опережать, обгонять

to pay attention to – обращать внимание на

to plummet – падать  Syn. to fall/to go down

to undergo changes –переживать изменения

Lexical work

Task 1.

Find in the text all the sentences (clauses) with the nouns in the word list, write them out, translate them and be ready to reproduce them from memory. Do the same with the verbs and adjectives.

Task 2.

Change the following phrases using adjectives economic or economical:

1.A practical wife. 2.Problems of economy. 3.A crisis in the field of economy. 4. To be careful in the spending of money. 5. Reforms in the field of economy. 6. A law regulating the sphere of economics. 7. A plan of the industrial development of the country. 8. A small car that doesn’t use too much fuel. 9. Geography that studies the location of industries, markets and transport.

Task 3.

Fill in the gaps with the words economy, economics, economist, to economize, economic, economical.

1. An early definition of  ___________  was “an enquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations”.

2.Inflation may cause a bad ___________ state in a country.

3. The national __________ is the system of the management and use of resources of a country.

4. If you have a large family it’s more ____________ to travel by car than by train.

5. You can ____________ if you compare the prices of goods before buying them.

6. J.M. Keynes was a famous ___________.

Task 4.

Match the words with their definitions. Then choose three more words and write definitions for them. If necessary, make use of a dictionary.

1. significant

to value too highly

2. outsourcing

to go down

3. to overestimate


4. recovery

material on which a particular manufacturing process is carried out

5. to target

the practice of using workers from outside a company

6. to depend on


7. to plummet

a group of people authorized by law to act as a legal personality and having its own powers, duties, and liabilities

8. insufficient

to aim

9. corporation

to be influenced by

10. raw material

restoration to a former or better condition

Task 5.

Choose the odd one out

1. Advanced, out-of-date, modern, cutting-edge

2. Plant, factory, enterprise, economy

3. To fall, to boost, to stimulate, to intensify

4. To go down, to plummet, to outstrip, to fall

5. notable, significant, important, alternative

Task 6

Find pairs of words or word combinations, which form meaningful expressions and use them in the sentences of your own.



to undergo

a project

to launch


oil and gas


to stimulate

of the economy

an exporter

significant changes


economic growth and competitiveness

to become a full-fledged

of natural gas

fiscal and monetary


Task 7

Paraphrase the sentences using the topical vocabulary instead of the underlined items.

1. Modern versions of Russian reactors with western instrument and controlsystems have been built at Tainwan in China.

2. Medvedev has put great emphasis on the creation of high-tech industries and innovative technologies.

3. As more countries turn to innovation and technology to intensify development of the economy President Medvedev is right in line.

4.  It is difficult to modernize the economy dominated by commodities companies which  prefer to invest in themselves.

5. The world’s telecommunications sector grows faster than traditional economic sectors.  

6. The  Russian government  places great importance on the agricultural sector, as in this country, unlike the high tech industrial nations in Western Europe, a great number of people is engaged in agriculture.

7. The Prime Minister announces recuperation of the Russian economy.

8. In the Russian law, there are sectors of the economy which are considered to be crucial for national security, and foreign companies are restricted from owing them.

Task 8.

Translate the sentences into English using active words and expressions.

1. В экономике России происходят серьёзные изменения.

2. Экономика России долгое время зависела от сырьевых ресурсов

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