Instructions for the submission of payment request forms

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Give also the country’s name where his/her institution is located (not of the vendor).

(2a/b)   ‘Project number’ and ‘Current PRF number’

For easy reference, the NPD must give each PRF, which he/she sends to the SfP Programme Office a current (sequential) number.  (Do NOT start re-numbering for following years or for each Project Co-Director!)  The current number should be communicated by the NPD to the Project Co-Director concerned.  Always refer to this number when requesting information about a payment.

(3)   ‘Amount to be paid with this PRF’

Indicate the amount and currency to be paid from the SfP project funds as justified by the related (attached) back-up document (e.g. the amount of a payment step of an attached quotation;  in the case of a replenishment, the total as calculated in the attached table).  Invoices may be issued with or without showing the VAT amount.  In any case, invoices of items valued at 250 EUR or more must have a statement “this price is without VAT” or an indication which is the net price.  Remember that SfP funds can only be used for the payment of the net price.

For the currencies of EAPC countries, use the following abbreviations (ISO-CODE):

Euro-Zone: Euro

- EUR*

FYROM: Denar


Russian Fed.: Rouble


(Aus, BE, FR, Fin, GE, GR,

IT, Ire, LU, NL, PO, SP)

Georgia: Lari


Slovak Rep.: Koruna


Albania: Lek


Hungary: Forint


Slovenia: Tola


Armenia: Dram


Iceland: Krone


Sweden: Krona


Azerbaijan: Manat


Kazakhstan: Tenge


Switzerland: Franc

- CHF*

Belarus: Rouble


Kyrgyz Rep.: Som


Tajikistan: Rouble


Bulgaria: Lev


Latvia: Lev


Turkey: Lira


Canada: Dollar

- CAD*

Lithuania: Litas


Turkmenistan: Manat


Croatia: Kuna


Moldova: Leu


Ukraine: Hryvna


Czech Rep.: Koruna


Norway: Krone

- NOK*

United Kingdom: Pound

- GBP*

Denmark: Krone

- DKK*

Poland: Zloty


USA: Dollar

- USD*

Estonia: Kroon


Romania: Lei


Uzbekistan: Sum


(4)   ‘Transfer to be made in currency:’

Payments can only be made by bank transfer (not by cheque) and only in one of the currencies indicated above with an asterisk (*).  Make sure that the receiving account will accept the currency in which the transfer is requested!

When possible, the transfer should be requested in the currency in which the back-up document is issued.  When a submitted PRF requires the calculation into another currency, NATO will apply the currency exchange rates determined and regularly up-dated by NATO’s Office of Financial Control.

(5)   ‘Account holder’s bank co-ordinates’

Ø  Bank transfers can only be credited if the name of the account given on the PRF is identical with the name under which this account has been established at the bank. The bank co-ordinates must correspond.

Ø  As the system of account numbers and bank codes varies from country to country, it is important to give the name, full address and all numbers and codes of the bank of the final destination.

Ø  The first grey box is reserved for the co-ordinates (the final destination!) of the account holder. Do not give here the co-ordinates of corresponding banks!

Ø  Please note:  PRFs will not be processed if the given bank co-ordinates are confusing or incomplete. (If you deem it necessary, give the co-ordinates of a corresponding bank in the second grey box. Any further information may be given in an accompanying note. For your information: Our bank has its special contracts with corresponding banks and all necessary information.)

Ø  “SWIFT” is the fastest bank-to-bank transfer.  It requires, in addition to the name of the account and bank details, the SWIFT address for the bank. (A transfer without SWIFT will take more time.)

(6)   ‘Message to the account holder and information about the payment’

From this box, the SfP Programme Office will extract a brief message which the account holder needs for tracing the payment.  Complete in English or French with a brief and clear message. The recommended messages given under “REQUIRED BACK-UP DOCUMENTS AND MESSAGES” should be used (see page 1 of this Annex 1).

(7)   ‘NPD’s name’ and ‘Signature’:

For the consideration of a payment request, the signature of the NPD is required.  The NPD’s signature will be defined with the start of the Project and will be counter-checked

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