Shopping. Topical vocabulary. Lexical exercises.

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Topical vocabulary.

Kinds of shops: supermarket, mall, store, department, clothing-, food-, drug-, book-, shoe-, music-, antique-, gift-, second hand-, candy-, boutique, optician, shop, cake-, record-, toy-, china-, furniture-, hardware-, self-service-, jeweler’s, chemist’s, knitted goods, ladies’ fashion, sports fashion, hosiery, textiles, perfumery, audio video, florist’s, dairy, greengrocer’s, baker’s, butcher’s, confectioner’s, fishmonger’s, tobacconist’s, haberdashery, newsagent’s, stationer’s.

Shopping facilities: shopping bag, carrier bag, cash desk, information desk, basket, scales, trolley, cart, counter, checkout, shop-window, fitting-room.

Goods for sale: food, ready-to-serve food, ready-made clothes, knit-wear goods, fabrics, foot-wear, sports goods, leather goods, china and glass, electric appliances, consumer electronics, household goods, office supplies, perfumery, linen, outwear, underwear, curtain, camera, record, book, herb, spice, vegetables, cutlery.

Shopping activities: todo shopping, to buy, to make a purchase, to sell, to pay, to give a refund, to weigh, to serve, to display, to push, to try on, to put on, to take off, to undress, to strip, to stand in queue, to wrap up the purchase, to write out a bill, to exchange for, to make a shopping list, to look around.

Prices: high, cheap, low, reasonable, cost, rise, afford the price, be reasonably priced, retail price, wholesale price, offer/give a discount for, reduce prices, bargain.

Quality: be of bad/poor/high/fine quality, worthy, worthless, be of great/little/some/no value.

Other shopping terminology: be in stock, be out of stock, supply and demand, be in demand, be supplied with, customer, to be tight/loose on smb, match, fit, fit like a glove, receipt, cheque, credit card, credit note, to blow money, save for a rainy day.


-  Can I help you?

-  Yes, can I try on these shoes?

-  What size are you?

-  Size 5, I think.

-  I don’t have them in size 5, but you can try 4,5 and 5,5.

-  These are too small. And these are too big.

-  Do you like these green? They’re popular with young people.

-  Yes, they are great! I think they are perfect. In fact, they’re the best ones I’ve seen yet. They’re quite expensive, though.

-  Are you in a hurry for them? Can you wait a few days?

-  I suppose so, but why?

-  We’re having a sale. Next week these shoes will be half price. Why don’t you wait?

-  So much the better. Of course, I’ll wait. Thanks for telling me.

-  Excuse me, I bought this colour TV here last week and I’m not satisfied with the picture. I’d like to have my money back, please.

-  I’m sorry, sir, but I’m afraid we don’t give refunds. May I see your receipt? You can exchange it for something of equal value.

-  All right, I’ll take the exchange.

-  Actually, sir, you are lucky. We’ve got a sale this week. We have some really great bargains. Now this Zandy 3000 is a great deal. It’s 40 per cent off the normal retail price. It has remote control and it has a one year guarantee.

-  It still seems expensive to me.

-  No, no, sir, that’s a fantastic price. It’s cheap, believe me. And it’s the last one.

-  The last one? Ok. I’ll take it. How much extra do I owe?

-  Just 125 pounds.

-  And can I pay by credit card or would you prefer a cheque?

-  Credit card will be fine, thank you.

Lexical exercises

1. Which words or phrases are the following descriptions of?

A kiosk, the high street, the checkout, a sales assistant, a DIY store, a bureau de change, the chemist’s, the greengrocer’s, a department store, a carrier bag.

1. Someone who serves customers in a shop. 2. The main shopping street in a town. 3. The place where you can buy paint, screws, etc. 4. Where you would go to buy medicines. 5. The bag you get in a supermarket to hold your shopping. 6. A shop that sells fruit and vegetables. 7. The place where you can exchange foreign currency. 8. A large shop on several floors selling a wide variety of goods. 9. A small building in the street selling newspapers, sweets, etc. 10. The place where you pay for things in a supermarket.

2. Read each group of words. Cross out the word that doesn’t belong with the others.

1. blouse, pyjamas, jumper, suitcase 2. apron, dressing gown, stud, overall 3. raincoat, waist coat, coat, fur coat 4. bracelet, brooch, cufflinks, cap 5. comb, watch, wall watch, table clock 6. knitting needles, ring, chain, necklace 7. to shoe, to dress, to take off, to put on 8. heel, collar, sole, lace 9. socks, tights, headgear, stockings.

3. What topic do these words belong to?

1. slippers, sandals, trainers, boots: a)footwear b)underwear c)ladies wear. 2. ring, necklace, earrings, chain: a)jewellery b)clothes c)fabric. 3. discount, price, label, receipt: a)restaurant b)gym c)shop.

4. velvet, velour, tweed, suede: a)jewellery b)clothes c)fabric. 5. shop window, cashier desk, counter, shop assistant: a)restaurant b)shop c)hairdresser’s. 6. tail coat, blazer, sweater, fur coat: a)clothes b)jewellery c)fabric. 7. bra, vest, panties, tights: a)footwear b)underwear c)ladies wear. 8. department store, bookshop, supermarket: a)shop b)restaurant c)hospitals. 9. skirt, dress, jacket, blouse: a)men’s wear b)ladies wear c)footwear.

4. What are theses words?

useblou   japymas   ketjac   dicargan   aterswe   ketpoc   nertrais   cebralet   tebl   shrub mefuper

5. Make the sentences of your own with the following word combinations

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