Задания № 1-8 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 1 (Make expressions about internships by matching each verb to a phrase a-f. Match the words relating to report writing to their definitions)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 1

1.  Make expressions about internships by matching each verb to a phrase a-f below.

1. Incorporate ...

2. Enhance ...

3. Relate ...

4. Be assessed ...    

5. Be supervised ...

6. Offer...    

a) ... your academic study to the workplace.

b) ... work experience into a university degree.

c) ... by your institution through reports, appraisals, etc.

d) ... closely by someone from the workplace and a university staff member.

e) ... your career prospects by doing an internship.

f) ... permanent employment to a student after graduation.

2.  Match each word in the box to its definition below. Then translate the words into your language.

appraisal    commitment   deadline   etiquette insight   outcome    overview    predecessor  threaten    workload

1. A date by which you have to do something: __________________________       

2. An ability to understand something clearly: __________________________         

3. An opinion about how successful someone is: __________________________

4. The amount of work that a person has to do: ____________________________   

5. Enthusiasm, determination and loyalty: ________________________________

6. A set of rules for behaving correctly: _______________________________         

7. A description of the main features of something: _________________________

8. The person who had a job before someone else: __________________________

9. The final result of a process, meeting, etc.:___________________________         

10. To tell someone you might cause them harm:_______________________         

3.  Underline the correct preposition (in bold) in each expression.

1. Be in charge to / of / from a department or project.

2. Be involved on / in / for doing something.

3. Be responsible to / for / with an area of work.

4. Deal with / on / for an area of work.

5. Have somebody working of / under / on you.

6. Liaise for / to / with someone about an area of the business.

7. Look through / with / after an area of work.

8. Report directly to / for / under somebody.

9. Run the business from / with / on a day-to-day basis.

10. Take care with / of / for an area of work.

4. The sentences below all have the same meaning. Complete them using expressions from 3.

1 is_________  _________  __________

2 is_______________  ________           the marketing

Maria    3 _____________  ___________            side of the

4 _____________   ___________           business.

5 _____________  __________  ______

5. Mark these statements about work organization T (true) or F (false).

1. A task is bigger than an assignment.    …

2. A line manager has a higher position than a project leader.   …

3. A branch is bigger than a division.   …

4. COO stands for Chief Organization Officer.   …

5. The Public Relations officer will often work in the Marketing Department.  …

6. Personnel is one of the functions of Human Resources.   …

7. R&D stands for Resources and Deployment.   …

8. A parent company owns several smaller companies called subsidies.   …

9. Purchasing is a more formal way of saying buying.   …

10. Company structure can be shown visually using an 'organichart'.

6.  In each sentence, put one verb in the past sin one in the past continuous (was I were doing) an the past perfect (had done).

1.  While I_________________(work) in my father's business I______________

(start) to understand the importance of

marketing-I______________________(never / think) about it before.

2.  I___________________(already / be) in the job for two months when

I first___________________(speak) to the big boss, the CEO: I nearly

hit his car as I__________________(park) mine!

7.  Complete the expressions for giving diplomatic advice (in bold) by filling in

the missing letters.

1. A_ _ _ _ _ _ _, I think there's a better way to do this.

2. It s_ _ _ _  to me that there has been a misunderstanding.

3. You m_ _ _ _    want to ask Sue for her opinion.

4. You с_ _ _ _  maybe try a different approach.

5. D_ _ '_ you think that making personal calls at work creates an unprofessional


6. W_ _ _ _ _ '_  you agree that it's important to meet all our deadlines?

8.  Match these words relating to report writing to their definitions below.

description      observation       evaluation        suggestion       analysis

1.   Examining something in order to understand


2.  A statement about what something is like:_____________________________________________________

3. Considering something in order to discover how good or bad it is: _________________________________________________________

4. A comment about something you have seen, heard or felt: _________________________________________________________     

5. An idea or plan that you offer for someone to consider: _____________________________________________________________

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