Задания № 1-9 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 8 (Match a verb on the left with in on the right to make phrases about export sales. Match the words outstanding and overdue to their definitions)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 8

1. In each set of four below, match a verb on the left with in on the right to make phrases about export sales.

1. Don't sell                      proactive with local distributors.

2. Be                     a firm commitment to export,

3. Make                            outside the box.

4. Think                            on price rather than quality.

5. Trade                          an exclusive deal.

6. Sign                   time, effort and money.

7. Be prepared                    on open account.

8. Invest                            to modify product specifications.

9. Ask                              payments can be done by the credit


10. Chasing                    a credit agency about a customer's                  


11. Focus on                   that what works in your domestic market will also                                       work  abroad.

12. Don't assume              one market, rather than trying to sell all over the         world.

2.  Find a word in 1 that means:

1. the ability of a company to repay debts:____________________________

2. trying hard to get something you want:____________________________

3. The collocations below are used in international business transactions. Cross out the one verb in bold in each group that does not collocate with the noun.

1. issue / reach / settle / query an invoice

2. assume / provide / load / ship goods

3. chase / comply with / state / meet conditions

4. negotiate / reach / sign / state a deal

5. check in / check out / check up on a customer's creditworthiness

6. fall behind with / get behind with / move behind with payments

4. The words in bold below are all in the wrong places. Put them in the correct places.

After the exporter and foreign customer finally (1) check up on a deal, the

exporter will (2) comply with the goods and (3) reach an invoice. The exporter

must (4) issue all the conditions in the contract, and if they do they can expect to

be paid on time. It is a waste of time if they have to (5) ship customers who (6)

chase payments.  If there is a problem with payment, the exporter can use a credit

agency to (7) get behind with a customer's creditworthiness.

5.  Complete the text with these time prepositions: at, from, in, until, within.

1. ___________________the 90s we worked with a series of different local

agents. (2)_________________          2002 we started using APL, and they have been

our exclusive agent (3)_________________          that time (4)__________________

now. They are very good at collecting payment from local customers, and we give

them the discretion to ask for payment (5)__________________either 60 or 90

days. They forward to us all payments they have collected, after taking their

commission, and we receive money from them (6)_____________________          the

end of every month.

6. Put the words in the diplomatic sentences into the correct order.

1. Direct: I'll explain it again if you want.

Diplomatic: it let me way another put.


2. Direct: You are not convinced.

Diplomatic: wrong me if you correct but I'm saying that seem to be you are not convinced.


3. Direct: You are wrong!

Diplomatic: I'm a slight misunderstanding there seems to be afraid.


4. Direct: You don't understand!

Diplomatic: I clear myself haven't made perhaps.

5. Direct: You want to withdraw from the project, right?

Diplomatic: you would be saying I right in that want to withdraw from the project?


7. Use the words in brackets to make the direct sentences more diplomatic.

1. We need more time. (I think / might)


2. There are still many difficulties. (I'm afraid / quite a large number)


3. We must renegotiate parts of the contract. (perhaps / should / one or two)


4. That will be very expensive.  (won't / rather)


8.  Complete this email sequence using the words and phrases in the box.

further to    according to      regret to inform            pass this matter    now overdue     early settlement     have no alternative     outstanding balance

Email 1 (Reminder)

(1)_________________________________________our records, our invoice

number KL788 is (2)_______________________________________         . The total

sum is €25,600. We would appreciate your (3)___________________________of

this (4)___________________________________         .

Email 2 (Final demand)

(5)_____________________________our email of 14 June re invoice KL788, we

have still not received payment for the outstanding sum of €25,600. We

(6)_________________________________         you that we

(7)____________________________         but to (8)_______________________         to our

legal department.

9. Match the words outstanding and overdue to their definitions below.

1. not paid when expected; late: ___________________________________

2. not yet paid:___________________________________________________

10. Which of the two words from 9 has a second meaning of 'excellent and impressive'?

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