Употребить в предложениях Present Indefinite или Present Continuous. Заменить some количественными прилагательными afew и alittle, страница 6

Ms. Lewis: As far as I understood, each client has a fitness assessment with an instructor, then the instructor designs a fitness programme for him/her and then he reviews this programme every two weeks.

Emily:       That's good. And what about qualifications their instructors have?

Ms. Lewis: Oh! They claim their instructors are fully qualified and very experienced.

Emily:        Oh, not too bad. But do they have fitness classes?

Ms. Lewis: Their pamphlet says that they have six different types of fitness classes. There's one every evening except Saturdays.

Emily:         It sounds well. And what about the class size? Is there a maximum number in each class?

Ms. Lewis: As they told me, the maximum number of people in a class is fifteen. But there are usually only about 8 people in a class.

Emily:       And can you come and see if you like it? Do they offer a free introductory session?

Ms. Lewis: Yes, I think they do.

Emily:        Well, just one question more. Do you know if it's possible to bring guests?

Ms. Lewis: According to the pamphlet they have sent us, the answer is positive. When you're a member, you can bring one guest. It costs 7.50 a visit.

Emily:       And are you going to join this Centre?

Ms. Lewis: I don't know yet. To begin with, I want only to book an introductory session next week.

Emily:        It's very nice. I also want to start doing something for my physical fitness. You know my friend Molly. She believes jogging in the morning is the best exercise to get in shape. She invites me to join her tomorrow in the morning. I think I'd better try tomorrow.

II. Jogging in the morning

(Emily and Molly are jogging in the park. Molly started jogging about two months ago, but today is the Emily's first day.)

Emily: Molly, I am tired. It's only seven in the morning! Let's stop for a few minutes.

Molly: Don't quit yet. Push yourself a little. Just a few minutes more. When I started jogging, it was really difficult for me, too.

Emily: Have a pity on me then. This is my first time.

Molly: Come on, Emily. After you jog another month or two, you'll be ready for the marathon.

Emily: Marathon! How many kilometers is the marathon?

Molly: It's about thirty-six kilometers. If I jog every day, I'll enter it next autumn.

Emily: Count me out. I am tired now after only half a kilometer. I'm going to stop.

Molly: Okay, but don't sit down. Keep on walking for a while. That's important. When you stop exercising suddenly, sometimes you get muscle cramps.

Emily: Oh!It’s terrible.. I'm going to go back to bed when I get home. Is jogging really good for me?

Molly: Yes, but you won't feel the benefit right away. Doctors say that the heart gets stronger after you jog regularly for a month or so.

Emily: I know. Everybody's talking about how wonderful jogging is.

Molly: That's true. Some studies show that when people exercise properly, they have 50 percent fewer heart attacks.After  you jog regularly for a period of time,your puls rate and blood pressure go down.


   Упражнение 1. Ответьте на вопросы и представьте затем первый диалог в форме рассказа.

1.  Who is answering the door? What is it? Who for? Who from?

2.  What is there in the letter?

3.  Who had telephoned to the Fitness Centre? Why?

4.  How much does the Fitness Centre cost? What do they have? What are their opening hours?

5.  How does the Fitness Centre work? What about the qualifications their instructors have? Do they have fitness classes? What about the class size? Do they offer a free introductory session? Is it possible to bring guests?

6.  Are Ms. Lewis and Emily going to join the Centre?

   Упражнение 2. Выучите второй диалог по ролям.

   Упражнение 3. Расскажите о вашем посещении фитнес-центра.

   Упражнение 4. Бегаете ли вы по утрам?

   Упражнение 5. Как можно держать себя в форме?