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Age: young, middle-aged, elderly, old, in his / her 30's in his / her late teens in his / her mid-20's in his / her early 40's

Build: fat, thin, slim, skinny, plump, medium-build, well-built (M), broad-shouldered (M) overweight

Height: 1.70m, medium height, average height, below average, short, tallish, shortish

Hair colour: black, brown, red, fair, blonde, grey, white, a brunette (F), a blonde (F), a redhead (F), mousy, dark, dyed /coloured

Hair style: long, short, straight, wavy, curly, neat, untidy, with plaits (F), a fringe, swept back in a bun (F), a pony-tail (F), bald (M), balding (M), thinning (M), receding (M)

Face: thin, long, round, oval, square, heart-shaped (F), high cheekbones, high forehead, thin lips, full lips, a long nose, a straight nose, a turned-up nose, a cleft chin, a pointed chin, a double chin

Distinguishing features: a beard (M), a moustache (M), side-burns (M), unshaven (M), clean-shaven (M), a scar, a beauty-spot (F), a mole, with freckles, with dimples, with spots, with wrinkles, with lines

Personality: quiet, reserved, thoughtful, calm, moody, unsociable/sociable, lively, cheerful, amusing, polite, reliable, talkative, aggressive, friendly, shy, frank/sincere, selfish, idle/lasy, stubborn, mean, generous, sly, boastful, honest

Eyes: blue, grey, brown, hazel, long eyelashes, thick eyelashes, bushy eyelashes

Complexion: pale, sunburned / sunburnt, tanned, olive-skinned

fair-skinned, oriental, brown, black

Dress: smart, scruffy, well-dressed, casual, conservative, elegant, fashionable

         When we describe somebody, we tend to follow this order in our description: height, build, age, hair, eyes, face, complexion, extra features, dress. Study this example.

         My cousin, Paul, is a tallish man in his mid-thirties. He is a bit plump and has got long wavy brown hair. He has a round, friendly-looking face and small brown eyes. He has got a little scar on his cheek from an accident he had when he was a child. He wears glasses and has got a beard. He isn't very smart and tends to wear shabby clothes.

to be easy / difficult to deal with/to talk to

to be a good mixer, to be a person of strong / weak character

to be crazy about smb/smth, to be good at smth / at doing smth

to have a lot of faults, to have a sense of humour, to have good / bad qualities

to like / dislike / hate doing smth

Read through the following descriptions of Janet, Donna, Colin and Robert.   Janet

She's sophisticated. Well-dressed, expensive hairstyle and so on. I'd say she was in her late thirties or early forties, but she looks younger. She's about average height and very slim. Her hair's very blonde, dyed, I think, but I'm not sure about that. It's always very neat, not long. She's got pale grey eyes with thin eyebrows. Her face is always sunburned and very well made up. It's an attractive face ... not really beautiful, but very attractive, you know what I mean. High cheekbones, small chin ... oh and yes, there's a beauty spot on her left cheek. She's a very calm and reliable sort of person, very sociable, and always very, very polite.


Well, she's quite a lively, talkative person in her... in her late teens. She's fairly tall with a ... a good figure. She's got a heart-shaped face with a small, sort of turned-up nose. It's very attractive really. She's got long, black wavy hair and blue eyes with very long eyelashes. Her complexion is ... well, she's olive-skinned. Her lips are very full ... and she's got dimples ... dimples in her cheeks.


He's a very big guy, you know, well-built with very broad shoulders. Not fat, really, really ... just well-built. He's in his early thirties. He's got a long face with thin lips. Oh, and a small scar on his chin. He's got very short, fair hair but with long sideburns and a moustache. Eyes ... I haven't really noticed the colour, he wears glasses. He's got thick eyebrows and a kind of a long, straight nose. He's fairly reserved, thoughtful, sometimes even moody.


Robert's a wonderful person really. He's elderly but not old ... still very lively and amusing. He's probably in his early seventies. He's got white hair, receding a bit, and a small white beard. He's of medium build, a little overweight perhaps. He's got very nice, large, brown eyes and he always seems to be smiling ... lots of wrinkles round the eyes, laughter lines I think you call them. He's got a very high, lined forehead which makes him look very intelligent, which he is, of course.

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