Political system of Great Britain (exercises)

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Political system of Great Britain (exerc)

1.  Find English and Russian equivalents.

powers are limited by the constitution, the center of parliamentary power, unless Parliament voluntarily dissolves itself, the principal Statesman in Parliament, to fill the principal offices, the first reading of the bill, the bill are printed and distributed among members, the approval of the House, have no power to amend or reject a finance bill, решение принимается, выборы проводятся каждые пять лет, прежде окончания сессии, королева царствует, но не правит; нет дебатов и обсуждения на этой стадии, в большинстве, в меньшинстве, законопроект обсуждается детально.

2. Put questions to these sentence.

1.  The UK is a constitutional monarchy.

2.  The Supreme legislation Authority in the UK belongs to the Queen and Parliament.

3.  The House of Commons comprises 630 members.

4.  The House of Lords has 850 members.

5.  A bill may be introduced by any member.

3.Make your own connected sentences with these words.

Ballot, constituency, to take office, to introduce a bill, to choose, Premier, to vote, to elect, House of Commons

4. Answer the following questions.

1.  What is the title of the heir apparent (престолонаследник)?

2.  What are: the Lords Temporal, the Lords Spiritual, the Speaker, the Lord Chancellor?

3.  What are the principal political parties in England?

4.  What powers has the House of Commons?

5.  Who is the principal Statesman in Parliament?

6.  Whom does the supreme legislative power belong to?

7.  How many stages does the bill pass?

8.  Who has the right to reject the bill?

9.  Does the Queen rule the country?

10.    Who is the Prime Minister now and what party does he represent?

5.Translate the sentences into English.

1.  Великобритания не имеет писаной конституции.

2.  Коммунистическая партия Британии была основана в 1920г.

3.  В правительстве руководящее ядро (nerve centre) – кабинет, состоящий из группы министров, назначаемых премьер-министром.

4.   Палата Общин состоит из 630 депутатов, избираемых на срок действия данного созыва (convocation).

5.  В состав правительства входят министры, возглавляющие соответствующие  (relevant) министерства.

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