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Here is a telephone conversation between Murk and Emma. The English is very easy - the only problem is that the sentences are in the wrong order. Read the conversation and decide which sentence goes where - which is first, which is second, etc.


1.         Emma speaking.

2.         Great. 8.30 Saturday, see you the day after tomorrow.

3.         Hello Emma, it's Mark here.

4          About 8.30, at my house.

5.         Hello, 36752.

6.         I'm fine. Look, I'm phoning to invite you to a party on Saturday.

7.         Goodbye, Emma. See you on Saturday.

8.         Can I speak to Emma, please?

9.         A party? How wonderful! What time?

10.       Hello, Mark, how are you?

That wasn't too difficult, was it? Here are two more conversations. This time, Emma is talking to Colin. Emma's words are in the right order, but Colin's are mixed up.

To make things more difficult, Colin's words are not only in the wrong order, but sometimes in the wrong conversation. So some of Colin's words in Conversation В should be in Conversation C: and some of the words in Conversation С should he in Conversation B. Good luck!


Emma: Hello, 36752.

1.         I'm fine. Emma, would you like to come out with me tonight?

Emma: Colin?

2.         What about tomorrow?

Emma: Oh, yes. Colin. How are you?

3.         Tomorrow? We said 8 o'clock, didn't we?

Emma: I'm sorry, Colin. I'm going out to dinner with my parents tonight.

4.         Colin Matherson.

Emma: Tomorrow - that's Thursday. I'm afraid I can't. I'm busy on Thursday and Friday.

5.         Oh, I see, not Saturday; Sunday then?

Emma: Well, alright, Saturday.

6.         Hello, Emma, it's Colin here.

Emma: Alright, 8 O'clock Saturday. Goodbye, Colin.


7.         Good. I'll come to your house at eight o'clock, Saturday. Is that OK?

Emma: Colin, it's Emma.

8.         Do you want to change the time? Say 9 o'clock?

Emma: Fine, thanks. Look, about our date tomorrow.

9.         Hello, Emma, How are you?

Emma: Yes, but I'm afraid...

10.       Then what about Saturday?

Emma:  Look, I'm sorry Colin, but I can't come tomorrow. Not even at 9. You see, my

             grandmother's coming for the weekend, and...

11.       Hello, 33526.

Emma: No, not Sunday. Some other time, perhaps...

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