Phone exercises. Underline the future form which is more appropriate. Complete the three telephone conversations

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Underline the future form which is more appropriate.

A.        Hello, Henry. How are you?

B.        Fine. And you?

A.        Not so bad, thanks. I'm ringing to try to arrange a meeting with you, (a) I'll be coming/ I'm

coming/ I come to London next Wednesday to see some customers, (b) I'm going to see /

I'll see / I'm seeing them in the morning, (c) Will you be / are you / are you going to be

free any time in the afternoon?

B.        (d) I won't be / I'm not / I'm not going to be in London, I'm afraid, (e) I'll /I'm going / I'll

be going abroad for a few days on business.

A.        Oh, where (f) do you go / will you go / are you going?

B.        To Germany. I have a meeting in Bonn. My company (g) will open / opens / is opening a

new office there next year.

A.        Mmm. Sounds exciting. When (h) do you go / are you going / will you go?

B.        On Monday evening, and (i) I'm not back /I won't be back / I'm not going to be back

until Thursday morning.

A.        Oh, well. I could stay overnight and see you then. What time (j) is your plane getting in /

does your plane get in / will your plane get in?

B.        10.40, so if I get a taxi, (k) I'll be /I am /I could be in my office at 12.00.

A.        On second thoughts, don't do that. (l) I'll see / I'll be seeing / I'm going to see you at the

airport. We can talk there. (m) We finish / we've finishing / we'll have finished by 2.00,

probably, so then we can find something to eat and I can get the 3.00 shuttle back to
Manchester. How does that sound?

B.        Fine. We'll sort it all out then. Thanks for ringing. Bye.

A.        Cheerio, (n) I see you / I'll be seeing you / I'll see you on Thursday. Have a good trip.

Complete the three telephone conversations. Use the phrases from the box.

1. No, it isn't. I'll just get her.

2. Can I take a message?

3. Great! See you on Sunday at ten. Bye!

4. Never mind. Perhaps next time. Bye!

5. This is Jo speaking.

6. I'll ring back later.

7. I'm having a party on Saturday. Can you come?

8. Can I speak to the manager, please?


A. Hello. 276694.

B. Hello. Can I speak to Jo, please?

A. ________.

B. Oh! Hi, Jo. This is Pat. I'm just ringing to

     check that Sunday is still OK for tennis.

A. Yes. That's fine.

B. ________.

A. Bye!


A. Hello. Chesswood 4576.

B. Hello. Is that Liz?

A. ________.

C. Hello. Liz here.

B. Hi, Liz. It's Tom. Listen! ________?

C. Oh sorry, Tom. I can't. I'm going to my

     cousin's wedding.

B. ________.

C. Bye!


A. Hello. Barclays Bank, Chesswood.

B. Hello. ________?

A. Hold on. I'll put you through ... I'm afraid

     Mr. Smith isn't in his office. ________?

B. Don't worry. ________.

A. All right. Goodbye.

B. Goodbye.

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