Программное обеспечение и компьютерные приложения. Причастие 1 и 2, причастный оборот. Преступления с помощью высоких технологий. Инфинитив и инфинитивные конструкции (Задания на контрольные работы № 7, 8)

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Контрольная работа № 7

Лексические темы: Программное обеспечение и компьютерные приложения

Грамматические темы: Причастие 1 и 2, причастный оборот

Задание 1. Письменно переведите текст на русский язык.

1. id Software is the coolest game producer in the world. Responsible for the best selling and most critically acclaimed video games of all time, id’s independent staff of artists, programmers and designers have been changing the gaming world from Mesquite, Texas since 1991. Entering a new era of interactive entertainment with blockbusters like Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and QUAKE, id has taken a place in gaming history as one of the fathers of the modern video game.

2. It all began in May 5, 1991, when id Software gave the PC gaming world a glimpse of the future with the release of Wolfenstein 3D. A shot of pure adrenaline, Wolfenstein 3D led gamers into a first-person universe of relentless action that would forever change the face of gaming and which was later called as the original first-person shooter.

3. Then on December 10, 1994 id introduced the game DOOM to the world. It was technically stunning opus of heart-stopping action, horror and pure gamming bliss. PC shooters were going mainstream. Selling millions of copies, DOOM remains one of the most popular PC games ever. DOOM also introduced multiplayer to the masses, allowing players to complete in intense 4-player modem competitions.

4. id Software didn’t stop there, the team of innovators also made DOOM’s source code available to their fan base, encouraging game designers to modify the game and create their own levels or “mods”. The mode community gave the game eternal life on the Internet.

The new impulse of PC gaming came from id Software in 1996 with the release of QUAKE. Based on an all-new graphics engine, QUAKE was the first truly 3D video game, allowing players to interact with the virtual worlds created by id like never before. Gamers were free to look and move to any direction, giving the game designers at id the freedom and ability to create incredibly immersive environments in the epic, single-payer game.

5. id Software continued the tradition of QUAKE with QUAKE II in 1997. Supporting multiplay for up to 32 players at once QUAKE II was a hit for the company. By now, it had become clear that id’s games were reason to upgrade, or even buy, personal home computers.

6. In 1999 guys from Texas further cemented their leading place with the ultimate deathmatch experience, QUAKE III Arena has become the standard professional gamers.

7. id Software is currently hard at work creating the next chapter in the DOOM legacy. Featuring a new mind-blowing gaming engine from John Carmack, DOOM 3 is in development for the PC.

Задание 2. Подберите и запишите русские эквиваленты к английским выражениям.

a) first-person shooter; b) graphics engine; c) blockbuster; d) to modify;
e) multiplay; f) staff of artists; h) single-payer game

1) персонал актеров озвучки;             2) игра в одиночном режиме;
3) многопользовательская игра; 4) графический движок; 5) «шутер» от первого лица; 6) товар, имеющий ошеломительный успех;
7) видоизменять.

Задание 3. К словам в столбике (А) подберите слова с таким же значением из столбика (В). Полученныесинонимызапишитеипереведите.

А. 1) interaction                                               B. a) competition

     2) tournament                                                 b) manufacturer       

     3) to remain                                                    c) to modify 

     4) to upgrade                                                  d) happiness

     5) producer                                                     e) absolute   

     6) bliss                                                           f) to stay

     7) ultimate                                                      g) communication

Задание 4. Используйте предложенные слова и словосочетания в предложениях. Запишитеипереведитеполученныепредложениянарусскийязык. Каждоесловоилисловосочетаниеможетбытьиспользованотолько 1 раз: best selling, a new release of, a first-person shooter, a reason to buy, a new graphics engine, allowing to interact, are at work, like never before, created by, to create, multiplayer competitions, become the standard.

1. A new game from id Software was designed _____.

2. QUAKE II gaming engine had ______ for many other releases of different PC game producers.

3. Such genre of PC games is called _______.

4. I want to play modern computer games. This is the ______ to me _____ a new personal computer.

5. The modem connection ____ many people at once is replaced with the more productive and cheaper local net connection.

6. HEROES III was the _____ game release in 1999.

7. ____ doesn’t allow me to play this game on my old Pentium II.

8. Has anybody heard about ________ the Ravensoft game producer?

9. Our programmers and designers ______ still ______ changing some levels of this game.

10. We are ______ a brand-new graphics design for our forthcoming PC game.

11. We often gather in our local Internet café and take place in some _____ .

12. The game QUAKE was ___ John Carmack and his staff of programmers.

Задание 5. К словам в столбике (А) подберите слова с противоположным значением из столбика (В). Полученные антонимы запишите и переведите.

А. 1) to create                                                  B.  a) easy

     2) blockbuster                                             b) failure

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