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Course task for International management and tourism faculty Part 1  October 2013

“Can see you anything?”   -  “Yes,… wonderful things!”

It was 26th November 1922. Howard Carter, an archaeologist, was in the Valley of the Kings in the south of Egypt. He was looking for tombs, the places where the bodies of the Egyptian pharaohs were buried under the ground. The pharaohs were the ancient rulers of Egypt in the time when the pyramids were built. Many of these tombs had been found before. In some of the tombs, people had found interesting and valuable things, but many of the tombs were empty. There were no treasures in the tombs because robbers had already taken them.

Howard Carter found a new tomb. It was not empty. Robbers had not visited the tomb. Howard Carter asked his workmen to dig into the sand and rock on the side of a small hill. The workmen made a big hole and they found some stairs. They moved more sand and rock. At the bottom of the stairs, they found a door. The door was made of rock.

There was some writing on a piece of wax on the door. Howard Carter looked at the writing. He could see the name of Tutankhamen. Who was Tutankhamen? Howard Carter knew Tutankhamen was a pharaoh, but he didn’t know very much about Tutankhamen.

Lord Carnarvon was a rich man. He was paying Howard Carter to look for tombs. Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter were standing at the bottom of the stairs, in front of the door. Howard Carter made a hole in the door, then he looked through the hole.

“Can you see anything?” said Lord Carnarvon.

“Yes,” Howard Cater replied, “wonderful things!”

They had discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen!

Howard Carter wrote in his diary: “At first, I could see nothing but as my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I could see a room. In the room there were statues, strange animals and gold, -- everywhere the glint of gold.”

Later, Howard Carter said “The 26th November was the day of days. It was the most wonderful day I have ever lived.”

Exploration of the tomb

There were four rooms in the tomb. The entrance to each room was blocked with a wall. One room was the burial chamber for the body of the dead pharaoh. In this room they found a large sarcophagus, a large box which was painted and decorated with gold. When they opened this box, they found the mummified body of Tutankhamen. His head was covered with a beautiful mask. The mask was made from solid gold!

You can see this gold mask and many more treasures from Tutankhamen’s tomb at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.


1        Vocabulary

Complete the sentences with words from the box.











1.  An archaeologist looks for historical things from the past.

2.  A tomb is a place where we put dead bodies.

3.  The ancient rulers of Egypt were called pharaohs.

4.  A treasure is a valuable thing.

5.  If you make a hole in a door, you can see into the room.

6.  A robber is a person who enters a place and takes expensive things.

7.  Gold is a valuable yellow-coloured metal.

8.  A statue is a model of a person or animal made from rock or stone.

9.  You can put a mask on your head to hide your face.

10.  A sarcophagus is a decorated box for a dead body.

2      Comprehension

Read the sentences. Mark them [T] true or [F] false.

1.  In November 1922, Howard Cater was in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.        T/F

2.  He was looking for treasures in museums.                                                          T/F

3.  Pharaohs were the work men who built the pyramids.                                        T/F

4.  Pharaohs were buried in tombs in the Valley of the Kings.                                  T/F

5.  Howard Carter found robbers in many of the tombs.                                           T/F

6.  Robbers put treasures in many of the tombs.                                                      T/F

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