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1        You are going to watch four people talking about their daily routine. What is the typical daily routine for …

…a working mother

                    … a student

                    … a working man

Watch the video and say what each speaker does from the options above.

JC __________       Nikki __________        Ellie __________        Scott __________

2        Answer the following questions:

1 Who kisses their wife?

2 Who takes her daughter to school?

3 Who goes to the gym?

4 Who works a lot?

5 Who watches television?

6 Who eats unhealthy food?

7 Who uses the computer a lot?

8 Who has a cat?

3        Listen again Here are some words and expressions the speakers use. What do you think they mean? Match the word with the definition. Use the TRANSCRIPT to help you if you need.

a potter around                 i to go to bed

b skip                               ii to spend time doing nice things that are not important

c turn in                            iii to relax

d keeping up with              iv someone who gets up early

e early riser                       v time goes very quickly

f chill out                           vi to stay in contact

g flashes by                      vii to miss, not have

4        Tell your neighbour about your daily routine, then talk to as many classmates as possible. Find out …

who goes to bed earliest/latest? Who gets up earliest/latest? Who is the busiest? Who is online the most? Who goes out the most? Who works/studies hardest?


Below are the utterances of the participants in WORD ON THE STREET Daily Routine Video available on PearsonELT.com.


Well I wake up and the first thing I love to do is to give my wife a big kiss before I get out of bed. After that I’ll make a large caffe latte and breakfast. And I work from the home office so I’ll get ready, I’ll have a shower, get dressed and so on and I’ll work from my home office on different projects… and try to get to the gym – if not every day then every other day. Both the wife and I are big big fans of some of the TV series you have here in the UK: like Master Chef Australia – we never miss it. We love food so we love to watch people competing about food. If not, watch a movie or read a book. I spend a lot of time online with social media as well keeping up with my friends; I have friends all over the world so that’s a way for me to keep in touch. I think the day flashes by and before I know it it’s midnight and it’s time to turn in and get to sleep.


On a typical week day we’d get up around 7 or so. Get my little girl out of bed and make breakfast, take a shower, brush teeth, maybe catch the news hopefully. Yeah, then get ready for school and for work. And after that my daughter goes to school and I go off to work for the day. And then at the end of the day I pick her up from school and come back and then we start the evening routine of homework, tidying up, letting out the cat and making dinner.


I normally skip breakfast because I’m normally in a hurry ‘because I don’t get up till late. And then I go to my lectures … probably snack throughout the day on like crisps, I dunno, chocolate bars and that. And then after my lectures go home, get ready, go to the gym – go down the gym for a few hours come back, have dinner. And then, yeah, I just chill out for the rest of the evening. And then if I go out in the evening, I go out about 10 o’clock.


I’m not an early riser so I tend to get out of bed around 7 in the morning and potter around the house a little bit until about 8.30 or so. Then typically I head over to the office around that time. [I] work very long days: sometimes I work until 8 in the evening or 9 in the evening and then I come home and all I have time to do is eat dinner and go to bed. And I do go to bed quite late, Typically after midnight.  

Watch the video and get ready to speak about your daily routine:

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