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Language Leader Pre-Intermediate Final Test A

1    Complete the text with one word for each gap.

There are a 0_lot_______ of people in England 1__________ think it isn’t necessary to learn a foreign language. They think they don’t 2__________ to speak another language because if they go anywhere in the world they 3__________ always find someone speaking English. Is English 4__________ most popular language for students? The answer is ‘No’. Most students used 5__________ want to study English but now 6__________ students choose to learn Spanish rather than English.

This will 7__________ be bad news for the English. There is another thing that the English need to think 8__________. Most people who speak English are not English and don’t want 9__________ speak English in their own country. They expect English people in Italy to speak Italian! Twenty years 10__________ Carlo wanted to practise his English. Today he expects you to practise his language. If we 11__________ him wouldn’t we feel the same?

It’s not 12__________ to ask for, is it? English children 13__________ learn a foreign language, just like all other students. If they do, then they 14__________ learn more about other countries and one day be the best language learners, not the 15__________.

/ 15

2    Use the words to make sentences, using the correct form of the verb.

0    There   be   certainly   changes   in   the   company.

      There will certainly be changes in the company.

1    What   you  do   if   you   be   him?


2    The   first   factory   build   in   1843.


3    He   not   meet   the   French    minister   until    six o’clock.


4    How   long    you   study   at   this   university ?


5    Every   year   £100   billion   give    to   charities.


6    At   the   moment   they    not   ship    bananas   to   Europe.


7    What   you   do   when   the   phone   ring last night?


8    Can   you   play    tennis    when    you    be    six?


9    Luxembourg   never   have   a   king.


10  If   you   not    leave   I   call   the   police.


/ 10

3    Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

0    Last night there was a __c__ on hunting and endangered species.

a) variety show       b) reality TV     c) documentary d) sitcom

1    There has been a steady increase in the _____ in the last few years.

a) graduate             b) birth rate      c) childcare       d) teenager

2    He is a very valuable member of _____.

a) staff                   b) commitee     c) civil servant  d) minister

3    Toothpaste usually comes in a _____.

a) pot                     b) jar                c) bottle            d) tube

4    John is so _____. He’s so easy to talk to.

a) cautious             b) sociable        c) competitive   d) individualistic

5    There are many cliffs along the _____.

a) lagoon                b) wave                        c) coast             d) sand

6    If you buy an extra 5,000, I’ll give you a _____.

a) quantity             b) delivery        c) import          d) discount

/ 6

4    Put the words in the box into the correct column.

rude     investigator     dedicated     fog     mild     commit

     surgery     humid     burglary     treatment     chatty     clinic






/ 11

5    Complete the text with words from the box. (You will not need all the words.)

doze     sleeping     spacious     sleepless     exciting

excited     tired     derelict     tiring     bored     boring

spectacular     scruffy     cartons     tins     paper     cardboard     dump     wasteland     rubbish

Last weekend, I helped Paulo clean up his grandmother’s house and remove all the 0rubbish_. It’s not a very 1_________ job but we needed to do it. Paulo’s grandmother died a year ago and since then the house has been 2_________. On Saturday morning we started by collecting all the old 3_________ of food and empty milk 4_________. We then collected all the books (Paulo’s mother was a book collector) and put them into 5_________ boxes. The job was very 6_________ and I had to lift a lot of heavy things. I was soon very 7_________. I had a 8_________ night on Friday so I really needed a 9_________. On Sunday we cleaned the whole house and on Monday Paulo put an advert in the newspaper. The house is very 10_________ - it’s big enough for six people, and has a 11_________ view of the beach. I’m sure Paulo will sell it quickly.

/ 11

6    Correct the underlined mistakes in these sentences.

0    I have been knowing him for three years.    __have known_____________

1    It is the best than last week.                        _________________________

2    He has few hair on his head.                       _________________________

3    He waited since fifteen minutes.                 _________________________

4    What is the less expensive coat in the shop?                        _________________________

5    Ali has been out. He’ll be back soon.           _________________________

6    You should keep to try to find a job.           _________________________

7    It’s enough big for me to wear.                   _________________________

8    Germany might probably vote ‘Yes’.           _________________________

9    They fix it at the moment.                          _________________________

10  The same headline is in all newspapers        _________________________

/ 10

7    Complete the text.

What is the best advice for a new husband? Well, let me 0_see__. Never forget anniversaries and birthdays. Your wife will never forgive you. I remembered our fifth wedding anniversary 1__________ the day before! I also remembered she wanted to go to a jazz concert. I’m not 2__________ on jazz but another piece of advice I’d give you is, on anniversaries, give your wife what she wants! This 3__________ that I had to find tickets quickly. Unfortunately there were no tickets 4__________ I had to go to the concert hall five hours before the concert and buy tickets at the door. There was a man there but he didn’t 5__________ very honest. However, did I have a choice? I thought the price was a 6__________ high, but anything to make my wife happy. After the concert she said I was the best husband in the world. I think it was worth it, 7__________ you?

/ 7

8    Match the paragraph headings a) to f) with the correct paragraphs.

a)   BB for the future.

b)   What is Beautiful Britain?

c)   Hasn’t BB been in the news recently?

d)   Do people know about BB?

e)   BB for the family.

f)    BB for the animals.

/ 5



Beautiful Britain is a registered charity. BB, as it is better known, was formed in 2002 by the journalist Graham Hawkins and his actress wife, Selena Tyrone.


BB has three areas of operations. Its first objective is to clean up Britain. BB argues that there is more waste ground and rubbish dumps in Britain than parks and playgrounds for children. We don’t need so many areas for rubbish. The problem is that we are not very organised at getting rid of rubbish and the government doesn’t like to spend money on cutting down on rubbish. BB hopes to clean up these rubbish areas and turn them into clean land for families and children.


Its second objective is to provide homes for the many dogs and cats that live on the streets. BB provides a service that takes pets off the streets, cleans them, feeds them and finds them new owners in new homes. Last year, 700 dogs and 500 cats were given new homes. The hardest time is always just after Christmas and the New Year. Tom Naylor of BB says ‘Many people buy little dogs or cats as presents and then get bored or tired of looking after them. It’s our job to make sure they are not lost on the streets.’


BB’s third objective is in education. Members of BB travel around schools in England giving workshops and seminars to both teachers and children. Last year BB visited 700 schools and gave 1,200 workshops. This means that about 25,000 children found out how to make Britain a cleaner place in 20 years’ time.


Graham Hawkins and Selena Tyrone are very sociable people. They are also very media-friendly. They can always be seen on chat shows and current affairs programmes, talking about the environment. BB also makes its own documentaries about the environment. Last March BB signed a contract with the Geography Channel to produce five nature

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