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British bookmakers offer Russian striker "Arsenal" Andrei Arshavin to learn a new profession - the cleaner toilets. Offensive banner hangs at official club store "Arsenal".

Information posted on the banner is: «Andrei, we have got somewhere you can  really put a shift in… block D toilets. What`s russian for a plunger?»

Banner appeared on February 16, but the media attention it attracted only at the end of February.

The news was picked up by bloggers and caused a lengthy discussion on the internet. Someone likes trolling of British bookmakers and their humor, "senseless and merciless", others are outraged and believe advertising insult.


As promised, Comrade Kim Jong-un, the North Korea been tested a nuclear weapon. Place the alleged explosion - landfill to the north-east of the peninsula. State media said that the risk of the test is not represented, but the U.S. and Israel have found it outrageous, and seismologists - fixed oscillations of the Earth's crust.

North Korean media reports about the explosion took place, how about making progress. It is reported that the blast was carried out in a safe place, and his goal was to achieve scientific and technological progress

Moreover, the U.S. Geological Survey reported an increase in seismic activity to almost five points after the test on Tuesday.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon called the event very sad. Earlier, the UN Security Council banned the Pyongyang to conduct any tests related to nuclear and space technologies.

Said on Tuesday UN spokesman Martin Nesirky, the DPRK nuclear test - "it is a  serious violation of the relevant resolutions of the Security Council."

Moreover, the main complicating factor, according to a representative of the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday, South Korea's Kim Min Sok, burst capacity of six or seven kilotons, significantly exceeded the previous ones.

According to Al Jazeera, North Korea is preparing to continue the testing of nuclear weapons, despite the tightening of foreigners sanctions.


Former Ambassador of Panama to the OAS, Guillermo Koches said  that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez  is dead. According to him, the brain of "kamandante" defectively operated for several weeks, and  now doctors turned off the respirator. In Central America, there comes a troubled time.

Chavez last communication with the people held before being sent to the hospital for surgery in Cuba for cancer patients in early December.

Noteworthy a few moments. First - if Guillermo Koches not mistaken, the successor to Hugo Chavez - Nicolas Maduro after the president has lost touch with the world, took a number of personnel decisions in the Venezuelan government on his behalf. In particular - has appointed to key positions in the country of his supporters.

On the other hand,  the leaders of the neighboring countries, with Venezuela soon after the operation and reports of the possible death of Hugo Chavez from cancer. They all went to Cuba to "support"  Chavez and make sure that Chavez is alive. None of them, after visit, does not comment on this matter and does not give any concrete opinions.

According to representatives of the expert community, if the version is correct, Venezuela waiting shocks. The opposition is pushing for new elections. In this case, the successor to Chavez Nicolas Maduro and all former Chavez supporters do not want to give up power in the country voluntarily.


The leaving Pope Benedict XVI last addressed the congregation from the balcony of his Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. This event in the square of St. Paul saw hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

In his speech, the Pope explained his departure that "the Lord called him to climb the mountain."

The last general audience with the Pope is scheduled for February 27, after which the 85-year-old Benedict XVI resign.

On his decision to the Pope said on February 11, wrote about it in his blog. This act stirred up the world's religious and secular community, and some experts say that the pope's successor will be the last in the history of the Catholic Church.

Name of the new Pope will be announced in March, when the Conclave will make his collegiate decision.

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