Language leader pre-intermediate progress test. Units 7-9

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Language Leader Pre-Intermediate Progress Test A – Units 7-9

1  Underline the odd one out in each group.

0    a) DNA            b) Astronomy   c) Economics          d) History

1    a) doze             b) dream           c) supply                d) sleepless

2    a) at last           b) lastly            c) suddenly             d) soon

3    a) discount       b) quantity       c) delivery              d) colleague

4    a) fingerprints   b) evidence       c) firework              d) crime

5    a) promotion    b) department   c) market leader      d) investigator

6    a) amazed         b) worked         c) depressed            d) bored

/ 6

2    Add prepositions in the gaps if needed. You can also leave the gaps blank.

This is a story I just have 0__to_ tell you. You may not know, but I am afraid 1_____ spiders. I hate them! Well, last Friday I was working in my office late. I had 2_____ a lot of work to finish. When it was done I put on my coat and went to the exit but there was a big spider on the door! I wanted 3_____ go home but I couldn’t open the door! For an hour I thought 4_____ my problem but I did not know how to get out of the office and past the spider. I tried 5_____ phone the security officer but he didn’t reply. 6_____ six hours waiting, I got out of the office thanks 7_____ a cleaner who came to work early. That Saturday morning I slept 8_____ until five in the evening! I think I need to talk 9_____ my phobia to a doctor!

/ 9

3    Change the following sentences so they are in the present simple passive.

0    People in my school wear uniforms.

Uniforms are worn by people in my school.____.

1    Peter Jones gives the results.


2    The restaurant uses 20 kilos of salt every day.


3    Bees make honey.


4    The Orchestra gives concerts regularly.


/ 4

4    Rewrite the phrases to make them correct.

0    That seem rather high.

That seems rather high._________________

1    I will rather go a concert.


2    It mean what he could leave early.


3    What then if we will give you €10,000


4    I not keen in going to Peter’s house.


5    It connected by my brother’s job.


6    I more interest in cars than planes.


/ 6

5    Read the text and answer the questions.

0    When did the writer work?

In the summer.____________________________________

1    In which country can you find a lot of amber?


2    What is amber usually used for?


3    Which part of the pipe is amber used for?


4    What do people do with their pipes?


5    How many countries did the writer visit?



This summer I worked for a trading company in Poland. My brother’s wife is Polish and her brother exports amber to Europe. Amber is a brown stone which is often used in jewellery. It can be very expensive. Amber is found under the ground and there are a lot of mines on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Most of the mines though are not in Poland; they are in a small part of Russia called Kaliningrad, which is between Lithuania and Poland. Pure amber comes to Poland, and Polish manufacturers then use the stone in a variety of different ways.

I’ve been studying Polish at university for two years so this meant that I could do the negotiating with the amber companies. I did this for two weeks. I negotiated discounts and made notes of quantities, delivery dates etc. This was important work but not very enjoyable. Then, something completely different happened.

Amber is most famous in jewellery and you can buy expensive amber rings, necklaces and bracelets all over the world. Amber is also used for cigar holders and pipes. In fact, in Turkey all famous Turkish pipes use amber for the pieces of the pipe that people put in their mouths. Turkish pipes are very popular tourist gifts and people buy them not to smoke but to put on their shelves, tables etc. This is an important trade for the amber trading company, so I was sent to Istanbul. I had never been to Turkey and didn’t speak any Turkish. Luckily, the buyer in Istanbul spoke both English and Turkish.

Istanbul is an exciting city but very hot in summer. This means that it is very difficult to work, but I found the pipe factory really fascinating. The pipes are made from meerschaum, a white stone, and most pipes are made by hand. When I returned to Poland I took a pipe for everyone in my brother-in-law’s office. They loved them but they didn’t smoke them. These pipes are not made for smoking.

By the end of the summer I knew everything about amber, everything about pipes. I had visited two beautiful countries and got very valuable work experience. What a useful summer!

/ 5

6    Listen to the dialogue and tick the questions that are answered.

Track 3

0   How is the work organised in a real lab?


1   Are most of the crimes murders?

2   Why do scientists sometimes make mistakes?

3   Are more people now wanting to study forensic science?

4   Can I see inside your laboratory?

5   Is it safe to use a phone in a laboratory?

/ 5


/ 35

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