Language leader pre-intermediate progress test. Units 1-3

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Language Leader Pre-Intermediate Progress Test A – Units 1-3

1    Underline the odd one out in each group.

0... a) series                  b) science         c) sitcom          d) soap opera

1    a) mild                   b) clever           c) kind              d) dedicated

2    a) afterwards           b) until             c) quite             d) then

3    a) psychologist       b) journalist      c) scientist        d) politics

4    a) windy                 b) fog               c) cool              d) humid

5    a) advert                 b) fashion         c) article           d) webcast

6    a) hard-working      b) snorkelling   c) trekking        d) snowboarding

7    a) extremely           b) quite                  c) clear             d) very

/ 7

2    Fill in the blanks using either the present simple, present continuous, past simple or past continuous forms.

Steve Evans and Mike Brockall 0____are____ athletes but they 1__________ (have) different hopes. Steve 2__________ (run) in the London Marathon this week. Mike 3__________ (be) at home this week. He 4__________ (break) his leg last week and cannot run for eight months. How 5__________ he __________(break) his leg? He 6__________(climb) a hill as part of his training when a tree 7__________ (fall) on him during a storm. Steve 8__________ (hope) to win a marathon. Mike only 9__________ (want) to run again.

/ 9

3    Add relative pronouns or articles in the gaps if needed. You can also leave the gaps blank.

At seven this evening there is 0___a____ game show on TV. After 1__________ game show, we can watch 2__________ Shut Up!, 3__________ is 4__________ funny sitcom. Steven Peterson, 5__________ is 6__________ very famous, plays 7__________ hotel manager at 8__________ Hotel Sunnyvale. You’ll love it!

/ 8

4    Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct paragraph headings.

a)   What is special about Fred Thompson?

b)   What does he look like?

c)   What does Fred do?

d)   Who is Fred Thompson?

e)   What did he do before he became a politician?

f)    Where can I see Fred Thompson on TV?

g)   What’s Fred Thompson like?


(0) ____________d_______________________.

Born in 1948, Fred Thompson has lived an extremely interesting life. Now he plans to make his life more interesting.

(1) ____________________________________

As well as being a politician and a lawyer, Fred Thompson wants to become the next President of the United States of America. He may become only the second US president who was also an actor. The first, of course, was Ronald Reagan.

(2) ____________________________________

Fred has made both films and TV series in the last twenty years. He started in 1985 with the film ‘Marie’. He has appeared in films such as ‘Die Hard’, ‘The Hunt for Red October’ and ‘In the Line of Fire’. On TV he has appeared in the sitcoms ‘Roseanne’ and ‘Sex and the City’. Afterwards he had an important part in the TV series ‘Law and Order’. Fred also regularly appears on Current Affairs and News Programmes.

(3) ____________________________________

Fred is working as a politician. He has been a senator for fourteen years. He has worked on many committees in government. Many people think it is normal that he is now thinking about being president.

(4) ____________________________________

Before he became a politician, Fred was a lawyer. He was one of the lawyers who took part in the famous Watergate trials in the 1970s.

(5) ____________________________________

Fred is a very hard-working politician.  Dedicated, polite, sociable and cheerful are some of the adjectives that people use to describe him.

(6) ____________________________________

Fred looks like a politician or senior detective. He is always well-dressed in a suit. He has lost most of his hair but he has a strong face. He is very tall. At 1.99 metres, if he becomes president he will be the tallest president in American history.

/ 6

5 Listen to the dialogue and put the sentences in the correct order.

Track 1

a)   Callum reads computer magazines.                                      _____

b)   The radio is on at night.                                                            _____

c)   Callum doesn’t always buy a newspaper.                             __0__

d)   Callum uses the internet to contact his bank.                            _____

e)   Callum doesn’t listen to music on the radio.                              _____

f)    Callum usually reads at lunchtime.                                     _____

/ 5


/ 35

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