Тест по дисциплине "Маркетинг" (на английском языке), страница 3

1. For you

2. For your child

I. Shopping centre

II. Separate specialised shop

III. Hypermarket

IV. The open market

V. Sekond-hend

VI. I take from acquaintances

VII. Another, please, specify what

28. What mark of shop is attractive to you and your children?

Frequency of purchase

1. Never

2. Seldom (it is less, than once a year)

3. Casually (less than 3 times a year)

4. Often (some times each three months)

5. Very often (almost every month)

  I. The European, American marks (Italy, Spain, France, the USA, England etc.)

 II. The Asian marks (China, Japan etc.)

 III. The Russian marks (Moscow, Novosibirsk etc.)

Specify the name of 3-5 shops where you make purchases of clothes for you and your children:


29. How often you get the goods in clothes shops?

       I.       Each 2 weeks

II.     Once a month

III.    Once in 3 months

IV.    Each 3-6 months

V.     Once in a floor of year

VI.    Once a year

30. How many monthly you get things?

Quantity of the bought things

I. For you

II. For your child

31. How much attractively you estimate the French fashion?

I.       The excellent

II.      Well

III.     Satisfactory

IV.     Below expectations

V.      The opinion is absent


32. Please, specify the closest situation for you

I.       I buy clothes one

II.      I buy clothes with the friend

III.     I buy clothes with several friends

IV.     I buy clothes with children

V.      I buy clothes with a family

33. On what type of transport you reach shopping centre?

I.       Public transport (the bus, a trolley bus, a fixed-route taxi)

II.      Public transport (underground)

II.      Motorcycle/bicycle

III.     Taxi

IV.     The private car

V.      On foot

VI.     Another, please, specify what _______________________________________________________________________________________________

34. You live in what area?

I.         Zaeltsovsky

II.        Kalininsky

III.      Kirovsky

IV.      Leninsky

V.       Sovetsky

VI.      Pervomaysky

VII.     Dzerginsky

VIII.    Oktjabrsky

IX.      Centralniy

X.        Geleznodorogniy

35. What is the time you spend for road from the house to shopping centre «Sibirsky Moll»?

I.          <15 minutes

II.        15-30 minutes

III.      30-45 minutes

IV.      45-60 minutes

V.       >60 minutes

36. How you estimate shop KIABI sites?

I.        The excellent

II.       Well

III.      Satisfactory

IV.      Below expectations

V.       The opinion is absent

37. How often you visit shopping centre «Sibirsky Moll»?

I.          More than once in a week

II.        Once a week

III.       Once in two weeks

IV.       Once a month

V.        Less an once in a month

38. In «Sibirsky Moll» you visit what shop more often?

I.        Supermarket

II.       Clothes shop

III.      Restaurant/bar

IV.      The children's entertaining centre

V.       Cinema

VI.      Another, please, specify what __________________________________________________________________________________________

39. What, in your opinion, it is necessary to improve in shops KIABI?


40. You belong to what age group?

I.       18-25

II.      26-35

III.     36-45

IV.     46-55

V.      56-65

41. Please, specify your monthly size of the income?

I.       5001 – 7000 roubles

II.      7001 – 10000 roubles

III.     10001 – 15000 roubles

IV.     15001 – 20000 roubles

V.      20001 – 25000 roubles

VI.     25001 and more roubles

42. Specify, please, your marital status?

I.       Single

II.      Married

43. You have children?

I.        Yes

II.       No

44. If yes, please, specify, how many and what they of age?







I. 1

II. 2

III. >2

Whether you confirm readiness to receive the information on new marketing offers KIABI?

I.       Yes

II.      No

If yes, please, leave your contacts: a surname, a name, a mobile phone


We thank for participation!