Тест по дисциплине "Маркетинг" (на английском языке)

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The questionnaire № ___

Surname, name of the interviewer:


Time of the beginning of interview:


Time of the termination of interview:



1. This your first visiting of shop KIABI?

     I.       Yes

     II.      No

2. Whether you planned to visit shop KIABI?

  1. Yes

     II.      No

3. Where you have heard about shop KIABI (source)?

  1. TV
  2. The Outdoor advertising
  3. The catalogue

A)  through mail box

B)  an investment in the newspaper «TeleSem»

C)  on advertising racks in popular places of city

D)  from hands of promoters

E)  in store

  1. From friends
  2. NGS
  3. Double of Gis

4. Whether viewing of catalogue KIABI has affected your decision to visit shop?

         I.    Yes

         II.   No


If yes, tell, whether you made purchases in shop KIABI on offers specified in the catalogue?

         I.    Yes

         II.   No

If is not present, specify, please, the reason on which you did not have a desire to make purchase on the specified offers in the catalogue____________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Please, estimate shop KIABI to following signs:


1. Perfectly

2. Well

3. Satisfactory

4. Below expectations

5. The opinion is absent

I. Design of a show-window

II. Cleanliness

III. Quantity of baskets at the moment of shop visiting

IV. Fitting rooms (quantity)

V. Fitting rooms (location)

VI. Quantity of cash desks

7. You have visited what departments of shop?

  1. Female departmen

     II.      Department for newborns

     III.     Man's department

     IV.     Children's department

8. In what department (ah) you planned to get the goods?

     I.        Female departmen

     II.      Department for newborns

     III.     Man's department

     IV.     Children's department

9. How many the goods you have got in each department?

a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 3-5

e) >5

I. Female departmen

II. Department for newborns

III. Man's department

IV. Children's department

10. Please, estimate following signs of service in shop KIABI:

1. Perfectly

2. Well

3. Satisfactory

4. Below expectations

5. The opinion is absent

I. Quality of service

II. Speed of service

III. Separate cash desk for the future mums

IV. Special cash desk for special clients

V. Service of an exchange, the refund

VI. Service of reservation of the goods

11. What, in your opinion, it is necessary to improve in shop service?


12. What is the time you have spent in shop KIABI? ____________________________________________________________


13. Whether you made purchases in section of female linen?

       I.         Yes

       II.        No

14. If made, estimate, please, section of female linen on following indicators:

1. Perfectly

2. Well

3. Satisfactory

4. Below expectations

5. The opinion is absent

I. Assortment of the goods

II. Quality of the goods

III. The price

IV. Fashion

V. Style

VI. Colour

VII. Fabric

15. Please, estimate shop KIABI lady's wear on following indicators:

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