Building an enterprise wide corporate reporting solution. Introducing SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, страница 5

·  We have entities and attributes panels. There are different attributes available for the corresponding entity. Each can be moved to design area using drag and drop



Design area

·  Choose entity on each step and get the following attributes to the designer’s area

o  Product – Name

o  Product Subcategory – Name

o  Category – Name

o  Purchase Order Details -  Total Order Qty

·  Designer recognizes grouping levels for Purchasing order Quantity aggregate and builds the total footers by default

·  Preview the report

·  Mind that ALL cell data is automatically equipped with hypertext features

QUESTION:  How does the report perform intelligent hyperlink navigation and underlying data selection ?

·  Save the report

·  Close Report Builder and return to Visual Studio

8.  Adjust the detailed report linked to  «Purchase Order Qty» figure

·  Double click to open the Report Model editor – Prod Purchasing

·  Open Purchase Order Details entity

·  On the Properties pane choose DefaultDetailAttributes

·  Add some Vendor related information (Purchase Order ID, Vendor Name)

·  Save and deploy the project

9.  Check the report for the changes

·  Open the report saved to the folder on the Reporting Server

·  Click on Order Qty figure

·  Check out the new columns appear in the detailed report, while ONLY the semantic model was changed and re-deployed