Pattern for a dynamic swot-analysis, страница 3

Example of using this scheme for making the “cross-stage” of SWOT analysis:

The case describes a fictional incident based on an actual leaving of one of the key personnel members that can be exposed in terms of  “cross-stage”[1]:

-  Strong position of the company – SD – presence of a creative entrepreneur X, a scientist with world-recognized name and many inventions and discoveries relating to semiconductor widgets and PHSP generators;

-  An event occurs belonging to the chances of external space of global marketing environment (GME) – OJBONNECHANCE[2] company’s working out of great number of high technology systems of subsurface vision which require only PSSP generators;

-  The realization of this chance with the use of strong point of the company O→S – cooperation withс BONNECHANCE provides the increasing of international competition advantage of “Pulse Systems ” LTD in whole;

-  External threat – TY – hypothetic degradation of economical and criminal situation in Russia makes negative influence on the scientist so-and-so;

-   The influence on the strong point – T→S – demonstrates sensitivity of the weak point of “Pulse Systems” LTD as the loss of labor motivation and net output of so-and-so;

-  The  weakening of market position of “Pulse Systems” LTD - T→W – reflects the problem of “Pulse Systems” LTD in connection with employee’s so-and-so dismissal and/or going abroad to work or with starting his own business;

-  The weakness of the company – WR – the lack of strong corporative global brand of “Pulse Systems” LTD the role of which so-and-so played in fact;

The direct threat of competitive position of the company - T→W – was the problem connected with the lack of strong corporative global brand of Pulse Systems“ LTD and the leave of scientist so-and-so, which prevents BONNECHANCE from further cooperation, in spite of the fact that it still needs complementary products like PSSP generators, and “Pulse Systems” LTD abruptly decreases its international competitive advantage.

stage three

using the table below you have to “forecast” a future for your business in the short- or mid-term perspective

the main direction of this forecasting is to find the ecents in the out-door marketing environment could be estimates as crucial for the in-door marketing environment of your focal business described during “PRODUCT-MARKET” analysis presented before --- probabilities of crucial events are to be defined ny yourself playing roles of experts

supplement №7c

results of the cross stage  of “Pulse Systems” LTD international business SWOT-analysis [3]

Gme inside of “Pulse Systems” LTD

Gme outside of “pulse systems” ltd




Presence/creation of PS unique high technologies


OJ/0,7; OK/0,2; OL/0,5; ON/0,1

PS ability of fast adapting technologies to clients’ requirements



Presence of scientists known in the USA in PS staff


TZ/0,3; TCC/0,5; TEE/0,1; TFF/0,2


 Latent double purpose of product




 Development of new alternative markets


WO/0,1; WP/0,3; WQ/0,5; WR/0,5; WS/0,9; WW/0,9; WX/0,6;

The practice of “Pulse Systems” LTD on the USA market within the period of 1998-2004 rather distinctly coincided with the results of marketing strategic analysis. Its marketing strategy was really characterized as international, cooperational and innovational. More than that, chosen as the easiest form of entering the USA market – international cent-act of agency – minimizes the risks of parts and enables to join marketing competence of American part on hi-tech market with technical-scientific competence of Russian part. Even the determination of this cent-act agency could be predicted with the cross stage of SWOT-analysis. To make sure of this it was enough to go back to the data of SWOT-analysis and view the extension of threat of more perspective analogue product working out. For “Pulse Systems” LTD agent Paul Barron the role of the latter was played by semiconductor widgets based on silicon carbide. Such event should cause sensitivity  SATZ and SBTZ and aggravate the problems WPTBB(TZ)  and  WS TBB(TZ). However these weak points were already overcome by 2004, “Pulse Systems” LTD already orientated well on the USA hi-tech-market, gained positive image, made contacts with several American hi-tech companies and continued developing markets of other countries of the world (see table 1 in the case body), founding on its own solid experience of international hi-tech business.