Слова-заместители. Неопределенное местоимение one. Глаголы may, can. Будущее продолженное время (The Future Continuous Tense), страница 8

Michael: Oh, it’s over there on the left.

At the Haberdashery Department

Salesgirl: What can I do for you , madam?

Dora: I’m trying to find a pair of light – brown gloves.

Salesgirl: They are out of stock at the moment. Perhaps another color?

Dora: No, thank you. I’ll look in again next week.

Michael: Look here, Mum. There is a belt I need badly. My trousers are a little loose, so I can wear them only with my sweater.

Dora: What does it cost?

Salesgirl: It’s 10 evro, but of first – rait leather.

Dora: Have you got anything cheaper?

Salesgirl I’m afraid not.

Michael: It look so smart indeed, please, let’s buy it.

Dora: All right, but the last purchase for today.

Outside the Department Store

Emily: What’s the time?

Michael: Just one o’clock past. It’s time for lunch. I can do with a snack.

Emily: Me too. Here is a nice café.

Dora: Why not go home and have lunch there? I’ve cold meat, left over from yesterday’s dinner, potatos, salad and pickles, and a pudding to follow.

Michael: That sounds very nice, but we’ll have starved by then.

Emily: I haven’t been to a café for ages. Make up your mind, Mum!

Dora: It’s nothing to do as to agree.

In the Café

Dora: Oh, It’s pretty quiet here for lunch time. I’d like this table by the window.

Waiter: Good afternoon! Yes, this table is free.

Dora: Fine, thank you.

Waiter: Here’s the menu. Would you like some drinks?

Dora: Yes, we’d like something to drink,but first of all we’ll have a look  at the menu. A plum juice and …

Michael: Cola.

Emily: The same for me, please.

Michael: They usually, serve only simple meals and snacks at a café, but there is so much on the menu. Well, I’d like a salad, roast beef with cabbage or cauliflower and chips and a dessert to follow.

Emily: I’d like a small salad, roast chicken with vegetables and a dessert afterwards.

Dora: And I’ve decided on a small salad and fried fish – trout – with boiled potatos, and then ice –cream. And what should your desserts be?

Michael: I can’t choose between the bananas and custard and the apple – pie.

Emily: I’d rather like this fresh fruit salad with cream, and a cup of tea.

Michael: Hot apple-pie with cinnamon and raisins. And a cup of tea too.

Waiter: Can I take your order?

Dora: Yes, we’ve already chosen something, but if you suggest a particular dish …

Waiter: I can recommend the stuffed mushrooms.

Dora: What are they like?

Waiter: They’re mushrooms filled with bread and cheese mixed with herbs and spices, and then baked. Would you like to try some?

Dora: No, thank you, we’d like something more substantial, wouldn’t we?

Emily: Mushrooms have never been my favorite food.

Dora: So, we wouldn’t change our mind. We’d like …


1. Ответьте на вопросы и представьте затем разговорные сценки в форме коротких рассказов, используя ваши ответы.

1.1 Where is Michael?

1.2 What would he like to buy?

1.3 What is he doing?

1.4 Are the shoes comfortable?

1.5 Will they stretch with wearing?

1.6 What is the price?

1.7 Are they taking the shoes?

2.1 Where is Emily?

2.2 What has she just found?

2.3 What is the dress like?

2.4 Why is it rather expensive?

2.5 Is it an easy thing to buy matching shoes for the dress?

2.6 Is it good value for their money?

3.1 What would Dora like to buy?

3.2 Where is the haberdashery department?

3.3 Why doesn’t she buy the gloves?

3.4 What do they buy for Michael? Why?

4.1 What time is it?

4.2 Could they go home and have lunch at home?

4.3 Why do they go to a café?

5.1 What is a café like?

5.2 What would they like to drink while they look at the menu?

5.3 Is there much on the menu?

5.4 What do they order?

5.5 What does the waiter recommend?

5.6 Why don’t they take it?

2. Выучите текст по ролям, возможно, сокращая его.

3. Разыграйте сценки покупки.

4. Расскажите, как часто вы покупаете что-либо из одежды. Любите ли вы делать покупки?

5. Где вы обедаете? Что у вас на обед?

6. Любите ли вы обедать в кафе?

7. Изобразите вдвоем сценку заказа обеда в кафе.