Слова-заместители. Неопределенное местоимение one. Глаголы may, can. Будущее продолженное время (The Future Continuous Tense), страница 7

2.13 Whataretheylike? Что они собой представляют?

Упражнение 21. Опишите следующие предметы, отвечая на вопрос Whatis (are) it (they) like? По образцу: What is a café like? – a café is a place where you can buy drinks, simple meals, and snacks: a finically, English sitting-room, a kitchen, a computer, a medicine, a bunch, a camera, furniture, a masterpiece, paper, a party.

2.14. Would you like to try some?

Some употребляется в утвердительных предложениях, но может употребляться и в вопросительных предложениях, выражая просьбу или предложения если ожидается ответ “Yes” или “No”: Would you like some drink? – Yes, I’d like some.

2.15. We wouldn’t change our mind. Мы не передумаем.

I haven’t made up my yet; what did you have n mind? (Un. 6:3.4)

2.16 Предлоги

Упражнение 22. Вставьте вместо точек предлоги  (послелоги): at, between, by for, in, of, on, out, over, up, with.

1. The shoes are comfortable, but the right one is a little too tight. May a change it … another pair? – Shure, but there is only one … this colour. 2. I suppose they (shoes) will stretch … wearing. 3. I’ll be wearing them (shoes) … a long time. 4. I’ve found a lovely dress. Will you look … it? 5. I’m … the third floor, just … the left … the stairs. 6. I was waiting … you. 7. We can’t afford any shoes … the moment. 8. We’ll take the dress. Can you wrap it  …? 9. The cash register is … there. 10. They (gloves) are … … stock … the moment. 11. I’ll look … again next week. 12. That sounds very nice, but we’ll have starved … then. 13. It’s pretty quiet here … lunch time. I’d like this table … the window. 14. They usually serve only simple meals and snacks … a café, but there is so much … the menu. 15. I’ve decided … a small salad and fried fish-trout … boiled potatos. 16. I can’t choose … the bananas and custard and the apple – pie. 


At the Shoe Department

(Dora’s phone is ringing)

Michail: It’s me, mum. I’m at the shoe department. I’d like to buy a pair of shoes. Come here, please. It’s on the second floor.

Dora: I’m coming (on the stop) So, let me see. That’s about your size. Try them on. How do they feel?

Michael: They are comfortable, but the right one is a little too tight.

Dora(to the salesman): May I change it for another pair?

Salesman: Sure, but there is only one of this colour.

Michael: They look smart and match my trousers perfectly.

Dora: But a little too tight?

Michael: I suppose they will stretch with wearing.

Salesman: I’m sure of it. It’s first- rait leather.

Dora: What’s the price?

Salesman: 15 evro.

Dora: Rather expensive.

Michael: But I’ll be wearing them for a long time.

Dora: All right. We’re taking them. Oh, phone again. Hello.

Emily: Mum, I’ve found a lovely dress. Will you look at it?

Dora: Sure, we’ve just bought shoes for Michael, so we are ready to come. Where are you?

Emily: I’m on the third floor, just on the left of the stairs.

Dora: We are coming.

At the Teen-agers Clothing Department

Emily: There you are! Look at this linen summer dress, mum. It’s my size, and very fashionable now.

Dora: Have you tried it on?

Emily: No, I was waiting for you. Isn’t it lovely?

(Three minutes later, in front of the mirror)

Dora: Yes, I like the style, it suits you perfectly. But you haven’t got the proper shoes. And how much is it?

Salesgirl: 16 evro.

Dora: Oh, it’s more than the outfit I’ve just bought.

Salesgirl: Linen things are always expensive, besides it’s the new fashion.

Dora: If we buy the dress, we can’t afford any shoes at the moment.

Emily: It’s an easy thing to buy matching shoes for this dress. We can do it one of these days.

Dora: If they are not as expensive as the dress.

Emily: I don’t think so.

Dora: We’ll take it then. Can you wrap it up? 

Salesgirl: Of coups, madam. Here is the receipt. The cash register is over there. Here you are.

It’s good value for your money. Goodbye.

Dora: Now I’d like to buy a pair of gloves. How do we get to the haberdashery department?