Слова-заместители. Неопределенное местоимение one. Глаголы may, can. Будущее продолженное время (The Future Continuous Tense), страница 3

1. What pens do you need? - I need a red ... and two blue ... . 2. I don’t like this dress. Can you show me another ... ? 3. This book is more interesting than the ... you gave me last week. 4. Could you give me some apples? -I haven’t got any ... . 5. Don’t buy the postcards, we have some nice ... at home. 6. These are light rooms, and those are dark ... . 7. Which car shall we take? - Mine ... . 8. I like this sonata by Shubert better than the other ... . 9. Would you like some coffee? -Yes, I have some ... . 10. Have you got any umbrellas? Shaw me the brown ... , please. 11. There aren’t any plums here, but there may be some ... in the kitchen. 12. The film is more interesting than the ... we saw the day before yesterday. 13. Take some magazines. - No, thank you. I have got some ... . 14. These ties are too light, I want dark ... . 15 This is not my belt, it is his ... .16. My camera is not very good. Take Emily’s. 17. Where are the newspapers? -What newspapers? -The ... I brought yesterday.

1.4. Глаголы may, can (Un. 2:2.7; Un 3:2.3)

Упражнение 4. Употребите вместо точек глаголы may или can с инфинитивом данным в скобках.

1. I’m hungry. - But you’ve just had lunch. You ... not be hungry. 2. Where is she? -I’m not sure. She ... be at home. 3. ... I use your computer? - Yes, you ... but not for a long time. 4. ... I open the window? -I’m afraid not. 5. He’ like to come tomorrow, if you have time for him. - Yes, he ... come, I ... afford it. 6. What about the concert tomorrow? - Yes we ... do it. 7. Does he learn English?- Yes, I think he ... already talk English quite well.8. The weather is not very nice today. It ... rain. 9. It is raining. We ... not walk in such weather. 10. are you hot? I ... bring you some juice.

1.5. Present Indefinite (Un. 1:2.7) Present Continuous (Un. 3:2.5)

Упражнение 5. Употребите данные в скобках глаголы в PresentIndefinite или в PresentContinuous.

1. Who (play) the piano? - My aunt , when she has time. 2. Who (play) the piano in that room? -My sister. She’s got a concert tomorrow. What (she play) ? - I think it’s something by Mozart.3. Your daughter is very fond of sport, isn’t she? - Yes, she (play) tennis. Where is she now? She (play) tennis, as usual. 4. Could I use your phone? -I’m afraid it (not work) at the moment. 5. What about the weather here? -It often (rain) in summer here. 6. Let’s go out. It (not rain) now. 7. How is your English? - Not bad. It (improve). 8. John is in London at the moment. He (stay) at the Park Hotel. He always (stay) there when he is in London.9. What you father (do)? - He’s a doctor but I (not enjoy) this one very much. 10. Usually I(enjoy) parties but I(not enjoy) this one very much. 11. Look! That man (try) to open the door of your car? 12. Can you hear these people? What they(talk) about? 13. I must go now. It (get) late. 14. I usually (go) to work by car. 15. What you (do) ? I’m (go) to bed now. Goodnight!

1.6. Past Indefinite (Un. 2:2.6) Past Continuous (Un. 3:2.6)

Упражнение 6. Употребите данные в скобках глаголы в PastIndefinite или PastContinuous.

1. I saw Jane yesterday but she (not see) me. She (look) the other way. 2. She (wait) for her husband when he (come) home. 3. What you (do) this time yesterday? -I (sleep). 4. Was Ann at the party last night? - Yes, she (wear) a really nice dress. 5. John (take) a picture of me when i (play) tennis. 6. The doorbell (ring) when i (clean) the house. 7. At 8 o’clock yesterday I (have dinner) with some friends. 8. I (walk) home when I (saw) Tom. 9. This time last Wednesday I (enjoy) the concert. 10 They (write) some letters from nine till eleven. 11. When they (walk) in the garden I (read) a newspaper. 12. When they (return home). The children (sleep) yet.

1.7 Past Indefinite (Un. 2:2.8) Present Perfekt (Un. 4:2.4)

Упражнение 7. Употребите данные в скобках глаголы в PastIndefinite или в PresentPerfekt.