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Ground hostess:       Your boarding cards, please, gentlemen.

Mr Crow shows his boarding card.

Mr Lewis:               Just a minute. Oh, here it is, in my pocket.

Ground hostess:       Thank you. Please look after it. You'll need them again on the aircraft. Now, will you please join those passengers queuing over there?

Mr Lewis:                  Why, what's wrong? Some delay?

Ground hostess:       Oh, nothing to worry about, sir. It's just our normal security check. We have to do

it these days, but it won't take more than a few minutes.

Mr Lewis:                Oh, very well then.

Ground hostess:       May I see your hand baggage, please?

Mr Lewis:                Yes, but do be careful. I have a bottle of Scotch in the cabin bag.

Ground hostess:       It'll be all right, sir. Now will you walk between these two posts, please?

Mr Crow goes through the same procedures

Mr Lewis:                What is  this?

Ground hostess:       It's a detection device that shows us if anybody is carrying any metal. That's all, sir.

Thank your for your cooperation. Now please walk down there and board the


At last Harry Lewis and John Crow are in a plane, flight XA 101. They have breakfast and sleep a little. Mi Lewis wakes up and checks his watch. The aircraft has been descending for already fifteen minutes. The PA (public address) system comes alive and a voice says: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to land." Another fifteen minutes later, Harry Lewis and John Crow unfasten their seat-belts and pick up their cabin briefcases. Before the passengers have time to begin to disembark, a bus is already waiting to take them to the terminal building where they must pick up their baggage and go through Customs.

Mr Lewis: Porter, where do I pick up my baggage from Flight XA101?

Porter:       It's being brought over right now, sir.

Mr Lewis: Will it be long?

Porter:       No, sir. Five minutes, maybe.

Mr Lewis: Where will it be brought in?

Porter:      Just over there, sir. Do you see that flight number sign, XA101? It'll be put down there.

Mr Lewis: Right. Thank you.

Custom Officer: Flight XA101?

Mr Lewis:        That's right.

Custom Officer: Is this all your baggage?

Mr Lewis: Yes, just one case and this hand baggage.

Custom Officer: Do you have anything to declare?

Mr Lewis: I have just the usual bottle and 100 cigarettes.

Custom Officer: That's all right. You can take your bag through.

Mr Lewis: Right

Manager: Excuse me, sir. Are you Mr Lewis?

Mr Lewis: Yes, I am.

Manager: A representative of the hotel "Primorskaya" is

waiting for you and Mr Crow in the arrival lounge. The porter here will take your

                 and Mr Crow's cases to the car. Please come with me, gentlemen.

Mr Lewis: Excellent.

Воздушные путешествия

Организация путешествий

Гарри Льюис, генеральный менеджер и собственник, из "Льюис и сын" Компания решил принять приглашение от "Пармы Controls.Service" компании и посетить их в Санкт-Петербурге в России. Таким образом, он берет телефон и телефон его секретаря, Джилл Эванс:

Привет, Джил! Я собираюсь посетить Санкт-Петербург из России и принять John Crow, наша покупательная

Менеджер со мной. Так вот, я хочу, чтобы вы все поездок.

Миссис Эванс: Годится, сэр. Будете ли вы дать мне все необходимые детали?

Г-н Льюис: Конечно, Джилл! Для начала, вы должны заказать два экономики мест в самолете отправляющихся в Санкт-

Петербург примерно в два раза неделю. И не забывайте о двух открытых датированных возвращение