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Air travel

Arranging the travel

Harry Lewis, general manager and proprietor, of "Lewis & Son" company has made up his mind to accept the invitation from "Parma Controls.Service" company and visit them in St. Petersburg of Russia. So, he picks up the telephone and phones his secretary, Jill Evans:

Mrs Evans:

Mr Lewis:

Mrs Evans: Mr Lewis:

Mrs Evans: Mr Lewis: 

Mrs Evans:

Hello, Jill! I'm going to visit St.-Petersburg of Russia and take John Crow, our purchasing

Manager, with me. So, I want you to make all the travel arrangements.

O.K., sir. Will you give me all necessary details?

Sure, Jill! To begin with, you are to book two economy seats on a plane departing to St.

Petersburg in about two week's time. And don't forget about two open-dated return


Well, sir, and what about a hotel? Have you got any preference?

No, I haven't. Simply try to make a reservation for a double-suite in a four or five stars

hotel. I think they  will help you to choose the right kind of hotel in this city.

No doubt, they will.

Another thing I want you to do to is all the necessary formalities required to get the

passports with the visas for Russia. You'll have to pay a visit to the

Russian consulate in London and get all the application forms to be filled in.

O.K., sir. I'll do my best to arrange it.

Airport check-in

Mrs Lewis drives her husband to the airport. He has decided to check in there and not  at the  town terminal, which is much farther from his home. On their way to the airport they pick up Mr Crow who lives not far from the airport. Mrs Lewis parks the car. She picks up her husband's cabin bag while Mr Lewis carries his suitcase. Mr Crow carries his things himself. Together they walk over to the  international departure terminal building. They enter through doors that open automatically and look up at the big clock.

Mrs Lewis: What time do you have to check in?

Mr Lewis: 8.15 .We are only a few minutes late. Anyway, the flight doesn't leave until 9.30.

Mrs Lewis: There are so many airline check-in counters. Where do we have to go?

Mr Crow: Over there. Do you see those counters with the International Airlines signs above them?

Mrs Lewis: Oh, yes. There seems to be a long queue.

Mr Lewis: Don't worry. My secretary told them that we might be a little late.Let’s get on the end of the queue,

Mrs Lewis: They seem to be getting all these people through very quickly.

Check-in girl: Good morning, sir. Have you booked for flight XA101?

Mr Lewis:  Yes, certainly. Here are our documents.

Check-in girl: Oh, Mr Lewis and Mr Crow. I was expecting you. Your secretary told us you might be a little late. All right gentlemen, would you please put your baggage on the scale in succession.

Mr Lewis: Both of us should be well within our baggage allowance.

Check-in girl: Yes, it only weighs 15 kilos each. Perhaps you would fix these labels to your cabin

bags and briefcases while I fix this label tag to your suitcase. I won't keep you

long now, gentlemen. Your tickets are in order. Now I'll just check with the


Mr Lewis:  Yes, I made a request for a window seat for me and the next one for Mr Crow.

Check-in girl: Yes, I see the request here. And a vegetarian meal, too.

Mr Lewis:  That's right.

Check-in girl: It's all been entered into the computer. I'll just check the seating plan. Yes, there are

several economy window seats available. Would you take  seats towards the

back of the aircraft?

Mr Lewis:  Yes, please.      

Check-in girl: Row 23, seats A and B. Here are your boarding cards. Do have a good flight,


Mr Lewis: Thank you. As usual, everything has gone very well.


Mr Lewis kisses his wife good-bye. Carrying only their cabin bags and briefcases, he and Mr Crow walk through an entrance signed "Passengers Only". Mr Lewis checks his watch as they walk towards the Passport Control desk. They have a lot of time, to visit the duty-free shop in the departure lounge to buy their duty-free Scotch and cigarettes. At the Passenger Control they show their passports for inspection.

Mr Lewis and

Mr Crow:              Good morning.

Passport Officer:Morning, gentlemen. Where are you off?

Mr Lewis:            St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Passport Officer: Business?

Mr Lewis:            Yes, I have to attend a meeting for my company.
Passport Officer: Your passports, gentlemen .Everything is in order.

Mr Lewis:            Thank you.

Mr/Lewis and Mr Crow go to the duty-free shop ...

Shop girl:                Can I help you, sir?

Mr Lewis:               Yes, I'd like a bottle of White Label, and 100 king-size tipped cigarettes.

Shop girl:                You can get the cigarettes., but I'm afraid you'll have to go to the counter over

there for the whisky.
Mr Lewis:               Oh, I see. How much do you want for the whisky and cigarettes?

Shop girl:                That will be £ 2.75 in all. Could I see your boarding card, please? Thank you.

Embarkation and arrival

Mr Lewis and Mr Crow's flight - XA101 - is boarding at Gate 5. Carrying their briefcases and cabin bags, they walk out of the departure lounge and follow the signs pointing the way to Gate 5. One of the airline's ground hostesses checks their boarding cards at the gate. After a security check, they walk down the airbridge to the open door of the aircraft where the cabin crew is waiting to greet the passengers.

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