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Translate the sentences containing Infinitives:

  1. Sufficient work along these lines has been done to show that interesting results can be gathered by this method of analysis.
  2. To illustrate the complexities of this kind of historically based analysis, in Section 3 we will examine how changes in economic, political and social structure may have had varying effects on cultural regulation.
  3. Rituals are looked upon as mechanisms to ensure societal unity.
  4. The author argues that labour markets should be completely deregulated so as to make them as competitive as possible.
  5. I shall not undertake to explain this transaction itself, but I shall nevertheless need to know its terms in order to explain the other things I’m interested in.
  6. It will be our task to investigate these religions in order to find out what peculiarities they have.
  7. To miss what is different or distinct is to subtract from the whole understanding of human nature.
  8. From the early 20th century, some scientists began to show that it was actually impossible to divide humans up in this way.
  9. In taking such a process-oriented approach to understanding the contemporary global economy, it is important to distinguish between the two distinct processes.
  10. Ways have to be found to solve the problem of poverty and deprivation.
  11. In short, there must be a certain equilibrium between the power a social class possesses and the force at its disposal to defend it.
  12. It is amazing to see how in imperial Rome the members of the elite committed suicide or allowed themselves to be assassinated without the slightest defense as long as it pleased Caesar.
  13. It is not enough to say that an idea is “good to think” or “bad to think”.

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