What it is important to have now in order to be sucessful i the future?

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Agapova Margarita, 5705

What it is important to have now in order to be sucessful i the future?

I consider, that each person makes on success and can be successful. It is depends only of level, how much he wants it and what success he want.

For example, I think, that the success is a freedom. Exists an opinion, that in a life there are only two doors - one of them conducts to freedom, another to safety. But choosing the second, we lose both that, and another. We are afraid to lose our jobs even if it they are not well-paidy. So the first rule for the successful person - to not be afraid.

The second important condition - constantly to show qualities of self- learnability. A life is very difficult and at school or university studies to work, but not to live. Only independently it is possible to learn necessary things. For this purpose it is useful to meet successful people, to talk to them and to study at them to become successful too.

The third point - today the most important rule for success: having a wide network of contacts. If you have more the circle of familiar people, you have more chances to take the place in this world.

And the final point is the plan of success. Every person must have a plan of his own life. The one who unsuccessfully plans, plans the failure.

These three factors precisely will help me to achieve my purposes. I do not know, whether they can help other people, at which other reference points. Everyone chooses itself. And only the fear prevents to make a choice.

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