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Obviously, there are many different countries and cultures. The social norms, traditions, system of value exist in each of them in one's own way. For people from one culture some things from another culture seem strange and unusual.

An interesting idea about why some people think that the way they do things is the right way was stated in the article “Why Things Seem Strange”. According to author, people are ethnocentric. This is normally and it is sounded by culture. We have been inculcated in feeling the inherent correctness of our own culture. We expect that things done into the way they have always been done. Still we are tolerant to another person’s views.

Really the fact that people are ethnocentric depends on obtrusion definite cultural things in process of socialization of children. It takes place in each culture. So all cultures have own features which differs from other. This set of features depends on system of values, norms as well as historical development of cultures. For example, it is no secret that The United States committed a technical gap in the world in less than two hundred years ago. To confirm our idea we can quote author of given article: “The United States has not had much time to educate itself in the gentlemanly European fashion.” So the manner of behavior in Europe differs from way of conduct in USA and this fact is sounded by different historical development of cultures.

As stated above the way which we are used to indoctrinates to us basically in process of socialization in childhood. And so many things from other cultures seem strange for us. For example, tourists to The United Arabian Emirates are often surprised that manner of greeting of men includes way to rub by noses of two men. In our culture it is considered wrong and indecent may be, but in another country it is a rule of salute. 

In conclusion it is need to note that each culture represents a whole specific world with the certain values, traditions, norms, beliefs. All of these put together the continuity and specificity of culture. And people are bearers of own culture. We have some elements of culture in our consciousness and so we act and feel in harmony with them.

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