Speaking-practicing presentation skills (Topical areas: Marriage, Family and the Home. The Power of the Group. Mass Media as a Socialising Agent. Cultural Change. Global Issues)

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English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Novosibirsk State University

Sociology Department

Year 2

  1. Speaking  - practicing presentation skills. Topical areas:
  • Marriage, Family and the Home
  • The Power of the Group
  • Mass Media as a Socialising Agent
  • Cultural Change
  • Global Issues
  1. Written translation

Translating sentences with the following grammatical and lexical phenomena:

·  Different forms of the Infinitive, Gerund, Participle;

·  Infinitive, Gerundial and Participial Constructions;

·  Modal Verb + Perfect Infinitive;

·  Different Types of Subordinate Clauses;

·  Subjunctive Mood;

·  Emphatic Constructions;

·  “one” and “that’ used as referents;

·  etc.

  1. Grammar

Practicing for the TOEFL test (paper-based test). Revising the following topics:

·  Nouns;

·  Verb Tenses;

·  Modal Verbs;

·  Verbals;

·  Conditional Sentences;

·  Subjunctive Mood;

·  Subject-Verb Agreement;

·  Inversion (Fronting);

·  Emphatic Constructions;

·  etc.

  1. Listening Comprehension

Practicing for the TOEFL test (iBT): listening to student conversations and academic lectures or discussions.


·  Understanding the gist;

·  Understanding the details;

·  Understanding the function;

·  Understanding the speaker’s stance;

·  Understanding the organization;

·  Understanding relationships.

5. Reading comprehension

Practicing for TOEFL test (iBT): reading passages on academic topics, answering questions on stated details, inferences, sentence restatement, vocabulary, pronoun reference function, overall ideas.

Final test Requirements (December, May)*ESP CLASS ONLY:

  1. Written translation (45 minutes – 1,500 characters);
  2. Presentation (speaking on one of the topics);
  3. TOEFL test (grammar, listening comprehension).

Required textbooks:

  1. Tarabunova N.V. Reading Comprehension Skills (Parts 1, 2);
  2. Academic Encounters: Life in Society

The total grade is 100% in each semester, including:

60% - classroom work (20% - lexical-grammatical tests; 20% - oral presentations; 20% - written translations)

            40% - final test

The minimum grade required to pass a test is 60%.

* The final test at the end of the spring semester is graded.

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