The composition of the film "Rain Man"

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Novikova Yuliya, 575/2

Rain man

Film «Rain man» is an interesting and touching history about two brothers. In my opinion, this film teaches audience of tolerance and to understanding each other. Main roles in this film have played by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise superbly.

Charlie there was young enterprising a person however also he was egoistical and rough man. He has quarreled with the father over the car in youth and did not see him many years after that. When his father has died Charlie has received rose’s bushes and the machine car of 1949 in the inheritance. He has been very indignant because his father was the rich person, and has left to Charlie in the inheritance none dollar. It has appeared that Raymond has received the basic part of the inheritance. He was a covert brother of Charlie who is sick of autism. Charlie nothing knew about his existence since the birth. Charlie could not bear that the father has left millions of dollars not to him but to Raymond who don’t know about money. However Raymond possessed unique abilities in the mathematics and amazing memory. Charlie has decided to take Raymond in hostages, and to appropriate his inheritance to himself. He considered that it will be fair. However while Charlie tried to issue inheritance of Raymond on his name legally he has made friends with Raymond very much. Although Raymond was sick of autism Charlie has understood that he is his brother, native person. They have together found much more than millions of dollars. They have found family on behalf of each other.

This film has received four premiums of American Film-academy «Oscar»: for the best film, direction, a role and the script.

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