The dialogs "Reservations of the hotel", "Customs and Immigration"

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The dialog №2

Operator: Hotel Plaza, Los Angeles. How may I direct your call?

Ms. Brook: Reservations, please.

Clerk: Reservations of the hotel Plaza. Hello!

Ms.Brook: Hello! I’ll need a single room from coming next month for four nights. I would like the room overlook the sea. What’s that going to run me?

Clerk: That will be 60 dollars a night, plus tax and service charges.

Ms.Brook: that’ll be fine!

Clerk: Ok. That’s a single room for the nights of November 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Ms.Brook: Yes. The name is Ms.Brook.

Clerk: Could you give me your credit card number, please?

Ms.Brook: Well. 567-390-876-27

Clerk: Expiration date?

Ms.Brook: December, 2008. It’s Visa.

Clerk: Ok, Ms.Brook. We have booked a single room for four nights for November 1,2,3,4.

Ms.Brook: That’s right.

Clerk: Ok. We’ll hold the reservation until 6 p. m. the evening of the fifth. Do you know our address?

Ms.Brook: Yes, I do. Thank you. Goodbye.

Clerk: Goodbye, Ms.Brook.

The dialog №3

Customs and Immigration

Officer1: I see by your embarkation card that you departed  Russia from Moscow. Is that right?

Ms.B.: yes.

Officer1: how long do you intend to stay in the USA?

Ms.B: four days.

Officer1:: Where will you be staying?

Ms B: In Los Angeles at the Hotel Plaza.

Officer1:: Ok. Everithing is in order. Please, go straight ahead to the baggage claim area, pick up your bags, and then to Customs.

Officer2: Step over here. Do you have anything to declare?

Ms.B: No, I haven’t.

Officer2: Please, open your luggage. Alright, you’re free to go.

The dialog №4

Mr.Smith: Hello, I’m glad to see you!!

Ms.B: Hello, Mr.Smith. Nice to see you!

Mr.Smith: How was your flight?

Ms.B: Fine! Can’t complain.

Mr.Smith: Let me help you with your bags. I’ll take you to the hotel now by my car.

Ms.B: I have booked the Plaza for four nights. Do you know where it is located?

Mr.Smith: yes, I do.

Ms.B.: Very well!

The dialog №5

S: How long do you want to stay in hotel?

B: four nights.

S: Good. That will give us time to help you find an apartment.

B: That sounds terrific. I would like to find an apartment for a reasonable price. Also if possible I’d like something where it is quiet.

S: Ok. I can recommend you a one-bedroom apartment. But it may be a little tight.

B: oh, may be.

S: I also can offer to you a two-bedroom on a month-to-month basis. Because you’re only going to be here temporarily, I’d advise you to rent a furnished one.

B: I agree. That makes sense. Oh, what should I expect to pay for a one or two bedroom?

S: I think a one-bedroom would run about six hundred a month, with a two-bedroom about one or two hundred more.

B: Do I have to pay in advance?

S: Most places just ask that you pay the first month’s rent and a small security deposit.

B: Do I have to pay the utilities separately or it is a part of rent?

S: You pay the utilities, but he water is included in your rent.

B: And what about other utilities, such as electricity, gas, and the telephone?

S: You’ll have to call the utility companies to schedule gas and electricity hookups at that address and have them bill you. Also the telephone company will make an appointment to install the phone. I’ll give you a hand if you want.

B: Thank you very much. I do appreciate this.

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