Sexual differences in the social and intellectual fields

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Lekontsev, group 475

Sexual differences in the social and intellectual fields

It’s only two sides of the whole!


The problem with sexual differences has been existing in our society for many thousands, but scientists began to study this phenomenon in XX century. Many reasons are supposed to develop this part of the Science: emancipation of women in families and labour market, new revelations in the biology and biochemistry, studying of the source of the Intelligence etc. In popular field it found to the well-known question: Who are smarter – men or women, boys or girls?

“There are two sides to every question” – said old wizard, and this question is not exclusion. The main problem is that we don’t know the source of the Intelligence. The genetic history or the education – which of them is basis of our thinking process? On which phenomenon we shell focus our perception? If the sexual difference is a part of our reality, could we break this barrier?

On the one hand, Intelligence of person can based on his or her heredity. Therefore, the difference between men and women is provided by biochemistry. The article “Are men born with power?” by Helen Fisher present this point of view. “The brain is indeed sexed before birth by fetal hormones” – assert the author. Men have a high level of the testosterone, and it’s not descend in during their lives. In front of them, women have a high level of the estrogen, and “levels of estrogen decline with menopause”, whereupon women assume some leadership positions in Society. Other authors affirm that females score of IQ higher than males on tests of verbal fluency, reading ability and fine dexterity (the ability to manipulate small objects). A scientific team headed by Jerome Kagan, Harvard psychologist, is studying the thinking ability of 11,5-month-old children and found some sexual differences in their visual perception.

On the other hand, we can face on the environmental influence. In this case the difference between men and women is provided by education and role models, patterns in our society. In the article “Who are smarter – boys or girls?” we can see arguments for this point of view. Mothers of little boys teach them the aggression and problem solving because “every boy should be like this”. It’s a normal situation in American Society – “while the mother keeps her daughter close she unconsciously trains her son to investigate – to become a problem solver”. This continuous training creates high level of Intelligence of men in some parts of our life. “The aggressive person is usually the one who gets the big salary, the good job, the prizes” – notice authors in the article. Mathematical capacity of boys isn’t only innate but it’s the long-time studying in the mathematical classes (boys more like this than girls). Verbal abilities of girls isn’t only inborn but it’s the sequel of their active “life in the speech” – discussion of all problems in the world with other people.

In general we see that the sexual differences in the Intelligence and the Society are being, but we couldn’t assert that men are smarter than women. There are various fields of Intelligence, different abilities, different norms and values. Therefore, there are different lifestyles and different purpose of our being. Our genetic history and our socialization create us and we are being right, we should be like this.

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