Second year study of English in the university

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Second year.

My study at the second year is peculiar, because now I study with new people in  my group. It is first time in my life, when I take one's stand of “new”. And in my new group within new knowledge in sociology I try to find new ways of communication to find understanding.

In this year I have learned much that was new: vocabulary (not only in English, but sociological terms to), directions in science. Also I have learned make my case study myself by different methods.

In my English I have learned to listen and hear speech better, then before. Know I can understand more. I have trained at home: view the films in English without translator. Firstly I didn’t understood anything, but now I can do it.

My grammar is not lot better, but know I solve my exercises more sensible.

My vocabulary have not a lot of changes, because of time without regular studying, while I was on leave.

Now I wanna represent graphs of my self-appraisal:

We can see, that during this year level of my English increased more then during the last.

If we view situation of this term in detail, we can see, that:

Conclusion and counsels:

  1. I most read more books in English. For example, helpful to read materials for course-paper in origin. It will increase my vocabulary.
  2. Continue view English films: it turned out, that viewing films in English is useful.
  3. And my weak spot is grammar now. If I want make my grammar better, I have to train with my grammar exercises.
  4. Now many guests from other countries come to our university. I schedule try to meet them and communicate with them – for my speaking, that is in low level, because I always afraid to say wrong and worry. When human worry, he make more mistakes, than in his usual condition.

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