An impression of the film “Rain man”

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An impression of the film “Rain man”

The film "Rain man" I looked not for the first time. But each time I have found in it something new to myself. It seems to me, it is a story about the joining up. And still it is a story about the change.

But I must to tell you step by step. This is the story of one guy, his name is Charley. It has stopped his relations with the father many years ago because of quarrel. He thinks that father hasn’t value him according to his merits. One day the father dies and Charley hopes to inherit all father’s personal wealth. But receives only the old car (once he has taken it without permission and was in prison therefore). Charley was angered - almost the inheritance has got to any stranger - his senior brother Raymond (cleared up later). Raymond, in the childhood secretly placed in psychiatric clinic, concept has no that such money and for what they are necessary. However, it is capable to solve instantly and correctly complex mathematical problems and possesses faultless memory. Charley abducts the brother to receive the inheritance, but later all varies.

Even the hard, emotional and cool-headed person can change drastically - he is not guilty of his difficult nature. He simply tries to survive. But he is capable to care of the brother, to be careful, attentive. This history tells us how the little bit naive mentally diseased person can change a private world of another - prudent and cold. They incorporate and change a life of each other. For ever.

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