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Вопросы для составления рассказа

1.  What are your name, patronymic and last name?

2.  When were you born?

3.  What is your native town?

4.  When did you finish school?

5.  Did you study well at school?

6.  What school subjects were you good at?

7.  What were your favourite school subjects?

8.  Have you got a family of your own?

9.  How many people does it consist of?

10.What can you say about your husband /wife (his or her character, hobbies)?

11.Have you got a child? What would you like to say about your son or daughter?

12.Do you have many close relatives?

Me and My Family

Let me introduce myself. My full name is Polina Petrovna Tkachenko. I was born on the 3d of September and I am eighteen years old now. Novokuznetsk is my place of birth. This is a large industrial city in Western Siberia.

I left school many years ago. I can say that I did well in many school subjects. I was good at Russian and Mathematics. I wasn’t bad at Biology but my favourite subjects were languages and Geography. I also adored IT (Information Technologies).

I’m married. My own family isn’t very large. You see, we are the family of 4: me, my husband and two children. I have a son and a daughter. Their names are Pavel and Sonya. Sonya is hard-working. She goes to school. Pasha is a little bit impatient. He is four. I love my children very much.

My husband’s name is Konstantin. He is energetic and outgoing. Sometimes he’s lazy. It happens only when Kostya forgets to do something he has promised to do or does something in the wrong time. We have been married for more than twelve years. We argue sometimes but I like my husband and usually we get along well.

We are a hospitable and friendly family. There are a lot of close and distant relatives. We visit them but not so often. Our children adore their grandparents and spend much time with them.

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